Will We Find a Name as Good as the First?


I can’t remember exactly when we started looking at potential names for our first son but I know it was long before we found out we were going to have a boy. Far enough before that we had narrowed down our short lists and had a name for both a boy and a girl. When we found out it was a boy the name was ready and we never changed it. We tucked away our girl name for safe keeping just in case we would have a girl sometime down the road.

In both cases we kept the names to ourselves until after our son was born. Yes, even the girl name although we knew we wouldn’t be using it.

Everybody knew we were having a boy but we wanted to keep something a secret and the name was the one thing that could be a surprise for all of our friends and family when the day arrived. Plus, it kept us from getting any advice and unsolicited criticism on the name that we had picked out from people that should just keep their opinions to themselves. My grandma—who I love dearly—is one of those people. She didn’t care for the name we gave our son and for the longest time would only address him as “the baby” instead of using his name. I can only shake my head at this because so many people have complimented us on the name we gave our boy. The name we love so much that just somehow fits him perfectly.

We will do the same thing with this pregnancy.

But this time it is a little different. We don’t have a list of names we are considering yet. Not a long list or a short list. We have nothing picked out yet. We know we are having another boy and yet the name is something we have yet to discuss in any detail. I picked up a book from the library a couple of weeks ago but haven’t really even cracked it open.

I think the hesitation comes from having such a difficult pregnancy this time around. Not wanting to jinx anything by doing stuff too soon. But the time is fast approaching to get it all together. I need to start soon.

Especially since I have just over 12 weeks to figure it out.

What about you? Did you have trouble picking out a name for your kid? Do you have more than one child? Did it get harder to find the perfect name with each pregnancy?