Woman Gives Birth In Evacuation Center During Cyclone Yasi


A baby was born in a crowded evacuation center at the peak of Cyclone Yasi, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit Australia.

Akiko Pruss’s waters broke while she, her husband Christian and their son were taking refuge in a school in Cairns. A witness who was interviewed about the birth said, “She’s either got a very high pain threshold or she’s a very strong woman.”

Mother and baby are doing fine after a three-hour labor. Pruss had planned to give birth at home. Luckily, a British midwife vacationing in this (typically) beautiful part of Australia was on hand to assist.

My Australian mother emailed yesterday when word had gotten out that there was a woman laboring in an evacuation center. She sent me a link to the story with the following classic Aussie caption: “Won’t be much intervention I reckon.”

I love Australians. But this story is not really about Australians. It’s just a happy birth story in the middle of a very unhappy storm. Or as the BBC aptly described it: “A very natural birth in the most unnatural of circumstances.” The BBC post-birth video is inspiring. Mom is up and about, rocking her baby, happy as can be.