Woman in Texas Tried to Sell Her Baby for $2000!


I’m not even sure what to say here. This is an incredibly insane story pulled from a heart-breaking Great Depression tale or slave-trade in a foreign country. Except that it isn’t. This happened right here in the good ole USA.

According to this CBS News Story, a woman in Texas tried to sell her baby, on a payment plan, for $2000.

According to the news story:

“Upon following up [on an anonymous tip], they found that 29-year-old Joana Delacruz Huerta had apparently sold her child to 27-year-old Marilu Munoz. The authorities allege that some of the “installments” on the $2,000 fee have already been paid.”

The article also said that while both the seller and the buyer have been charged, it might take a few weeks to figure out what all the charges will be. I’m not sure that makes a huge amount of sense to me but maybe it’s a good sign that this is such a rare occurrence that no one knows quite how to handle it?

While I have certainly joked with my friends that I had a boisterous toddler for sale if someone wanted a built-in-temper-tantrum that was a JOKE. A JOKE! Not an invitation to put my child on a lay-away plan like some high-end electronic gadget.

My initial response is “Who in the world could possibly do something like this!?” My next response is to wonder whether the mother is suffering from postpartum depression, in which case this is perhaps the best-case scenario where the child is completely unharmed and now in custody awaiting a new home. I don’t know what else to say…this is mind-boggling to me though.

I’m stunned – what do y’all think?