Woman Plots To Steal Friend's Unborn Baby Via C-Section


An Arizona woman with a history of documented mental illness plotted to steal her friends baby by killing her and then removing the baby via c-section. A call reporting a fire in the building drew authorities to the scene where there they found the suspect with two butcher knives and some scissors. Baby clothes and diapers were in her bag.

I remember a story like this a few years back. It’s obviously really disturbing, but there’s something about the fact that these kidnappers, or babynappers, are so confident in their ability to get the baby out of a mother alive and well.  I’m not going to go too far into hypothetical scenarios, but I can’t imagine it would be easy to pull off.

I wonder where these women get their home c-section ideas/technical information? Obviously these women have serious mental illness and their hopes to remove the baby must have been driven by delusions and other wildly unrealistic notions. Maybe she thought she was saving the baby? Or doing something heroic? There was that remarkable story of a Mexican woman who gave herself a c-section to save her baby’s life, and they both lived to tell the tale. But that’s a story of survival, not murder.

Thankfully, mother and baby escaped this attempt. And the suspect is in custody where I hope she receives the mental health care she needs– though given the way our health care system is set up, and recent events in Arizona involving mentally unstable citizens– I’m guessing that might not happen to the extent it should.