Woman Pregnant With Two Babies Due At Different Times


A Utah woman has become pregnant…and then become pregnant again, a few days later. Say, once on a Monday, and once on the following Friday. Or more likely a Wednesday and a Saturday, because who has sex on Mondays?

How could this happen, you ask? The chances are about one in five million, and unless you have a very specific anatomy, it won’t be happening to you…

Angie Croman has two Uteruses. (Uteri?) This condition, known as didelphys, is rare. But two baskets is one thing. Two eggs is another. And two fertilized eggs, well, those are some very special chickens. The condition does raise the risk of certain complications but then again, so does any kind of multiple pregnancy. No information was given about the birth plan (she’s only halfway along) but my money’s on surgery.

photo:Robert Burns/flickr