Would you Break Your Pregnancy News Over the iPhone?


The new ads for the iPhone 4 focus on Face Time, the phone’s Jetsons-style videophone capability. I’ve been a longtime fan of video chatting, so I’m pretty excited about the mobile version. And Apple’s ad agency knows how to work it. The new campaign shows people bridging the gap of distance in ways that were never quite this possible before. Such as telling your partner you’re pregnant, even if your partner happens to not be in the same time zone. Maybe it was just the subject matter, but I did find myself getting a little wet in the eyes by the end.
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This has some special meaning for me as I was away when I found out I was pregnant. I  couldn’t wait to tell, so I ended up conveying the all-important info to my husband over a shaky cell connection. It was okay, but kind of a let down since I couldn’t see his face. And then the bummer was compounded by a well-meaning but ultimately judgmental passage in Dr. Sears’ Pregnancy Book, telling me I must absolutely wait to tell my partner in person. (Too late).

Face Time is far from a perfect simulacrum of real world communication. Words could get garbled. Faces could get pixelated. There is no opportunity for hugs or kisses. The resolution you’d see in real life is quite a bit less clear than the ad suggests. But pregnancy is full of moments worth sharing, whether for support or just connection. For those of us who need to spend time away from our partners, the opportunity for a little eye contact, however shaky, seems pretty promising.

Would you break your pregnancy news over the iPhone? Or wait until you and your partner were in the same place?

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