Would You Love to Have Twins?


baby twins My best friend is one of those people who really, really wants to have twins. I am one of those people who just thinks about multiples and gets anxious.

Your chances of conceiving twins naturally are at about 1%-3% (you’re on the higher end if twins run in your family). Your chances of conceiving twins on Clomid, a drug most every infertile woman takes, are at about 8%. The chances of having twins with IVF vary but in our circumstance if we decided to implant two eggs, it would be a 60% chance that we would be hearing the words, “You’re going to have twins!” Then there be a 50% chance that I would faint.

Most of you probably think it’s a little strange that I wouldn’t want two since I so badly just want one. Two for the price of one pregnancy, right?! Sometimes it just takes a glance at a precious photo of twins (I may have started crying when I saw the one to your left) for me to start thinking, “Let’s do this!” But a photo isn’t reality. The reality is that a multiples pregnancy has a much more likely chance of bringing complications (added onto the fact that it would also be infertility related which automatically labels it high risk). Reality is we have not one family member that lives near us to help. Reality is the thought of having more than one baby at a time terrifies me a little.

But reality is also this, if we were blessed with twins we would somehow handle it. And we would love them. And I would make them wear matching outfits. And we would feel like the luckiest two people alive.

image: Peonies and Polaroids

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