Yep, I Forgot I Was Pregnant.


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It’s hard to miss a baby bump like mine but yet I still have to be reminded, I’m pregnant!

With 4 littles under 9 at home, I often forget and I am often getting reminded. So many friends and family are like ” You’re pregnant, you can’t do that!” Oh yes, that’s right, I am! With your first, your pretty much thinking about your pregnancy all the time. When it’s your 5th pregnancy, you’re pretty much a pro which is why I think I forget.

Just last week I was at Trader Joe’s. Somehow, the grocer accidentally put a wine bottle in my bag and I didn’t realize it until I got home. I got SO excited to pop it open. Until my hubs ruined the fun — “um, did you forget? you’re pregnant.

I thought I was going nuts. But apparently, this happens often! Maybe I will blame it on “forgetfulness during pregnancy.” Forget the green beer, tomorrow I will be enjoying Baileys Italian Meringue Buttercream but hold the Baileys.

Did you ever forget you were pregnant?

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