Yoga for Fertility? It Can't Hurt


In our ongoing quest to get pregnant already, it seems as though I have been upping the ante with each unsuccessful cycle.

This month, I’ve added yoga to the mix.

While I’ve yet to find a study that directly links yoga to pregnancy achievement, the anecdotal stories are absolutely everywhere.

I’ve always loved doing yoga, as it centers me and calms me in a way that little else does, but I’ve not been consistent with it recently.

But now I’m back at it and I’ve started with mainly restorative poses.

Why yoga?

Yoga is often said to lower levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” which can raise blood pressure and blood sugar levels and impair the immune system.

I’m hoping that by slowing my mind down and relieving the everyday tensions in my life, I’ll be in a healthier place and we’ll conceive sooner.

And if we don’t get pregnant, I’m hoping that with reduced stress levels, I’ll be better able to deal with the inevitable sadness of a negative pregnancy test.

If we aren’t successful in this cycle, next month I’m cutting caffeine and alcohol, which may require lots of moral support!

If you’ve tried yoga while trying to conceive, I would love to hear your stories!

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