You Named Your Kid What?!


birth certificate picture From my previous post about baby names, I’ve learned that the general reason you guys are keeping your baby names secret is to avoid other people’s critical commentary. While I generally try to keep my mouth shut if I’m not fond of the mentioned name, I think we can all agree there are some baby names out there that warrant some criticism. I’m talking the extreme, not just Gwyneth thinking she’s clever with the whole Apple thing.

You’ve all heard the story (I’m starting to believe it’s an urban legend) of the little girl named La-a right? It’s pronounced Ladasha. If this story is indeed true, I’m sorry little girl. Or how about the story from Freakonomics about the brothers names Winner and Loser? Here are some other doozies that may have been taken from my days of being a substitute teacher.

La’ Shedrick
Shithead (pronounced Shi-tead, this one might be an urban legend too)

Please share some other unfortunate names you’ve heard. I can’t wait to get a good laugh.

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