Your Weekend Maternity Look: A Night Out With The Girls


If this is your first pregnancy, now’s the time to get out and have dinner with your girlfriends. Once the baby arrives, you will still have an occasional night out with the girls, but they will be few and far between. Soak them up while you can.

This outfit would be great for a night out with the girls. I would tuck the little shirt into the pants and throw on the heels for a night. These heels are at least a wedge making them a little more comfortable, but if you’re going to dinner, you’ll be sitting the majority of the night anyways, right? Continue reading to find out where to snag all the pieces to this week’s Weekend Maternity look.

Japanese Weekend Maternity Tie Nursing Top. $58.00 at Nordstroms.

Feather and Stones Earrings. $3.80 at Forever21.

Peep Toe Wedges. $29.80 Forever21.

Maternal America Maternity Harem Pants. ON SALE $33.90 at Nordstroms.

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