Your Weekend Maternity Look: Date Night With Your Hubby


The nights of getting all dolled up are few and far between for me these days. Even though I may not always feel like dressing up, I do love my husband, and sometimes having a nice dinner out can do wonders for my marriage. So, I do it for him. Here’s a maternity ensemble that is super comfortable. It would be perfect for one of those romantic nights out with your man. Continue reading to find out where to snag this Weekend Maternity Look.

Maternal America Maternity Sequin Shoulder Kimono Dress. $128.00 at

High Polish Beaded Headwrap (black/pewter). $5.80 at

Canvas Cone Heels. $22.80 at

Opaque Maternity Tights With Lycra Spandex. $7.98 at