Your Weekend Maternity Look: Nursery Decor Shopping


Are you in the middle of decorating a nursery for your impending arrival? Recently, I have spent many weekends out and about searching for this and that for my little guy’s nursery. One weekend I was at the flea market looking for some unique decor, and the next I went to countless furniture stores. This outfit would be perfect for all the weekend errands you have to run between now and when your little one arrives. Continue reading to find out where to snag all the pieces to this week’s Weekend Maternity Look…

Elbow Sleeve Button Detail Maternity Dress. ON SALE $59.99 at

Victorian Knitted Accordion Slouch. $25.00 at

Lucky Brand Embroidered Crossroads Bucket Bag. $169.00 at

Steve Madden “Rebellion” bootsON SALE $174.95 at