"You're Too ____ To Get Pregnant!"

Did anyone ever tell you that you shouldn't get pregnant?

Everyone has an opinion about the right time to have a baby (or another baby), but it seems that many also have an opinion on when you shouldn’t get pregnant, too.  Although most aren’t too blatant (or downright rude) about it, a few people are.  I’ve heard some pretty, ah, interesting reasons why women shouldn’t get pregnant.  Here are some of the top reasons:

“You’re too young to get pregnant!” (assuming, in most cases, the woman is over 18 and in a stable relationship)

“You’re too old to get pregnant!”

“You’re too fat to get pregnant!”

“You’re too poor to get pregnant!” (can’t afford to have kids)

“You have too many children to get pregnant (again)!”

“You’re too dumb to get pregnant!”

“You’re too small to get pregnant!” (can’t carry baby to term/birth the baby)

“It’s too soon to get pregnant!” (after getting married, after having another baby)

“You’ve waited too long to get pregnant again!” (i.e. your other kids are older and you ‘shouldn’t’ start over with the baby phase)

Despite these “reasons” that some may offer, it is always up to the woman (and her partner) when/whether to have a baby.  Perhaps it would be wise to consider waiting under some circumstances, but again — that is up to you, not the masses!

Have you ever heard any of these excuses for why you shouldn’t get pregnant?  What other excuses have you heard?

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