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There comes a time in every parent's life when they're introduced to something so genius, so life-changing, that they simply can't imagine how they mustered through life without it. And that something is a baby carrier. Whether it's for closer baby bonding, hands-free convenience or an attachment parenting lifestyle, a baby carrier can be an essential baby product for the sleepless newborn days all the way through the heavy toddler years. You just have to find the right one for you.

To make your search easier, Babble tested dozens of baby carriers in every style imaginable - soft-structure, slings, wraps, backpacks - to find the best for your particular lifestyle. Don't see your favorite? Feel free to nominate it!

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Best Baby Carriers: Moby Wrap



A close second to the Baby K’Tan for “Best Newborn Carrier,” this wrap-style carrier is regularly praised by babywearers – especially for colicky babies. The Moby is basically one long piece of fabric that you wrap, twist and tie into a soft, comfortable carrier that parents swear by. While it definitely takes practice to get the hang of, we really liked it once we did. Read more about it under our “Best for Newborns” .

(On the fence? Hundreds of Amazon customers gave it one of the highest ratings of all baby carriers.) Read about the different Moby Wrap styles here.

Get it from Amazon, $39.95

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21 thoughts on “Babble Best Baby Carriers 2011

  1. Anonymous says:

    Except the Moby will only last until your baby is about 15 lbs. before it starts to stretch too much and sag under the weight, which is usually only about 2-3 months! I much prefer a woven wrap for its lasting ability over one that will stretch out.

  2. EMom says:

    Great Pick! i swore by my Baby K’tan the first 6 months of my son’s life and then started to slowly transfer over to a structured carrier. I think this is a must for NB stage!! Go babble!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is a great comparison video that basically shows the differences! I loved my Ktan but i have a few friends that love their wrap too so it’s really just what what you prefer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    oops forgot to post video link:

  5. Tammy says:

    LOOOOOVE my baby k’tan! so comfy for newborn stages and easy to use. great pick.

  6. Mel says:

    interesting. currently prego and researching carriers for NB stage. never heard of the baby k’tan. have seen and heard about moby but can’t handle 9 yards of fabric. thanks for the alternate suggestion babble.

  7. thebohomama says:

    Best mei tai a Babyhawk? That’s a laugh! Not a great list imo, doesn’t feature any of the best quality and most comfortable carriers…

  8. Snarky Mama says:

    I loved my Babyhawk. My hubs and I used it with our little guy from about 2 weeks old. We used it until the kiddo was a little over 2 y/o (and about 35lbs). Comfortable, one-size fits most, washable, and I could stuff it into my bag or under the stroller.

  9. hotmamma says:

    Check this vid out – even a guy can do it! Love it!!!

  10. Lila says:

    I love my Babyhawk too! It’s the most customizable option out there — and the prettiest too!!!! And I love the flexibility of a mei tai rather than a big ‘ol buckle sticking in my back. Thanks for the list, Babble!!!

  11. alison says:

    I swore by the baby ktan for newborn stage- then moved on to an Ergo. The two main ways to wear a newborn in the K’tan is their kangaroo hold and cradle hold. My son had reflux so the upright kangaroo hold saved my sanity.

  12. Jesica says:

    We’ve used a Moby wrap since our daughter was born (she’s 7 months now), and while there is a learning curve, it’s still the most comfortable carrier for her and for us. We’ve tried more structured carriers and they just don’t distribute the weight as well. My shoulders ache after using them. And because it’s just one big piece of fabric (not THAT huge, really), you know you’ll get the perfect fit. I would recommend the Moby to anyone!

  13. David Robert Hogg says:

    Generally, from both my own experience and that of my readers, I think the Bjorn is best for infants up to about 5 months. And then the Ergo is better as baby gets a little heavier and puts more stress on the parent’s back. Dads can usually stretch the use of the Bjorn out to about a 10 months or a year.

    Both are great for travel. Having your hands free to carry bags, pay bills, and search for passports makes a world of difference.

    Great article on the pros and cons of each.

    David Robert Hogg,
    Publisher of My Little Nomads – the travel with kids site

  14. Anonymous says:

    David, I would highly suggest you try the likes of a wrap or k’tan for infants. not only are they not positioned correctly hanging in a Bjorn, it is not as comfortable on the parents back, even with a tiny babies weight. For bigger kids I agree the ergo or a structured carrier works best. and yes, hands free to carry anything is a sanity saver and makes a world of difference!! Esp. when traveling! oh and one more thing! I was able to walk through security with my son still on me in the K’tan. You can’t beat that!!

  15. B says:

    Check out the Sleepy Wrap! made by the same maker of the Boba Carrier which babble chose as the best toddler carrier! It is one long stretch of fabric…but ONE SIMPLE TIE works for a bunch of different carries. Best of all…5% spandex allows you to take baby out and put back in WITHOUT having to re-tie each time. One size fits all…so great for dads too!

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Baby K’tan rocks! this coming from a mom of 4 that used a wrap, ring sling, fitted pouch and bjorn over the last 10 years! Would have traded them all in for a Baby K’tan had it been around back then. But better late than never. This sling/wrap combo carrier ROCKS!!!

  17. CRM says:

    I LOVE my Sleepy Wrap! The Bjorn and carriers like it are NOT good at all for the baby’s spine and development or for Parents comfort! I was sad to see that they didn’t involve the Sleepy Wrap in this review. There is NO learning curve like with the Moby, even though they look so similar. Do your baby and your back a favor, get yourself a Sleepy Wrap!

  18. rina says:

    LOVE THIS THING!! My Baby K’tan always saves the day!! When my son is restless and screaming, nothing calms him down (this is after feeding, diapering, rocking, kissing, bouncing, singing.. and the list goes on) except for our Ktan. I put him in and within 10 minutes he stops crying and is usually out like a light! It is my magic sanity saver!

  19. Anonymous says:

    The BABY K’TAN carrier is a life saver! i dont know what i would have done first 5 months without it !! Great to see its your first feature!

  20. Doll says:

    Your story was raelly informative, thanks!

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