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When the time comes to potty train - whether that's at 12 months or 3 years - there are dozens and dozens of potty seats to choose from. And while we wish we could tell you what the unequivocal best is, a lot has to do with your child's age, your personal preference, and simple trial and error. Some toddlers prefer the security of a tiny potty seat, while others will step up to the big toilet from the get-go. Some parents don't mind cleaning out a plastic potty, while others gag at the mere thought. That said, we did find top contenders in various categories, whether your main concern is price, aesthetics, or overall performance. Read through to find our favorite potty seats on the market - and don't forget to check out close runners-up in our Readers' Choice section. Don't see your favorite on the list? Nominate your favorite training potty here. - Michelle Horton

BEST FOR EARLY LEARNERS | Baby Bjorn Little Potty

Best Training Potties: Baby Bjorn Little Potty



This Baby Bjorn potty is similar to the IKEA LÄTTSAM in that it’s a simple, affordable, one-piece design, but it’s also really little. So if you’re starting to potty train an infant or even attempting elimination communication, it’s a smaller version of a classic potty seat. The compact size also makes it ideal for traveling, although older toddlers and preschoolers will probably need something a little wider. And like all Baby Bjorn potty seats, the Little Potty is made from BPA-free, recyclable plastics.

If you’d rather have a potty seat that has a removable insert to clean, check out the Baby Bjorn Smart Potty which is one of our favorites.


Get it from Amazon, $14.95

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73 thoughts on “Babble Best Training Potties 2011

  1. Danielle Goard says:

    The best training tip, that I’ve received, is not to wait for a specific age to start training. Watch your child’s signs, he/she might be ready earlier than you expect.
    It takes time, patience is key!
    (We’re going to start potty training this month)

  2. Misty Vinson-Spitzer says:

    Don’t force your child to start training just for your convenience. Little ones will let you know when they are ready. Encouraging words are helpful. Cheerios for target practice are priceless (boys). We will be potty training our first girl after 3 boys this time around. i hear it’s gonna be easier, we shall see :)

  3. Jacqueline Barringer Schramm says:

    My best training tip that i’ve received is every child is different wait until you see signs from them, and also wait until they show signs of staying dry at night, that way it will be easyer to train during the day and night

  4. Samantha Allen says:

    The best tip I’ve received is to stay consistent and celebrate every victory!
    smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  5. Shaina K Greer says:

    Best tip I can offer is don’t rush it. Seems that if you let them decide when they are ready (within reason of course) the ride is not so rough.

  6. Rosie C says:

    Make the whole potty training experience fun – if you get stressed, your child will too. Also, I found that if your child is running around with nothing on their bottom half and the potty is in a really obvious place, they are more likely to run and go on it.

  7. Angie Himes says:

    Best Tip I have…DO NOT FORCE YOUR CHILD!! It will happen…and when THEY are Ready…we started “trying” at about 18 months and he is now 28 months and still not fully comfortable with it. “Pull Ups” didn’t work for us he treated them just like a diaper…it will happen don’t worry..and you are not a terrible parent if your child is not potty trained at 18 months(or whatever statistic you have heard)!! Good Luck Parents!!!!!! :) :):):):):):):)

  8. Gillian Griffiths says:

    We are training right now! And try try again is the motto around here. And a fun potty dance helps too:)

  9. Jennifer Sami says:

    Best tip jive received is to reward! We bought Jilly a book that has stickers and everytime she uses the potty, she gets a sticker! Works like a charm.

  10. Emily Lofstrand says:

    Bribe with mini m&m’s! Promise if they use the potty they’ll get 2 or 3 and if they wipe themselves, they’ll get 4 or 5!

  11. Heidi Reyes says:

    My first baby is 5 months old and we’ve been using the EC method. I think this is a great way to get your baby comfortable “going potty” and also saves on washing cloth diapers in the meantime.

  12. Jennifer Causby says:

    My best tip is to always reward and praise children after they “go” on the potty!

  13. Laura Diaz Abellan says:

    Once you start, stick with it! Dn’t start-stop or they’ll get confused!

  14. Rose Giampa Nicholl says:

    wait untill they show intrest

  15. Tian Hapsari says:

    Best tip, ask your tots to go to the bathroom every 30 min – 1 hr for the first 3 days. and it works!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have FIVE boy’s (including 2 year old twins) All my boys have been/are being taught to “piddle” in the potty using the “dunk the cheerio” method! Just throw in 3 or 4 and make a game of them “SINKING the O”!!! The love it, and it works EVERY TIME! In less than two days, they are trained!

  17. Kady Michelle Vazquez says:

    I don’t have just ONE method. I personally waited until my daughter showed interest (like taking off her own diapers when she peed or always sitting on the potty, or even pretending to use the toilet every time I used it.) I praise her, A LOT. There is NO such thing as too much praise!!! We have a “treat box” with little toys and candies that she chose herself, so when she goes on the potty, she gets to pick one out, and we have her bring the potty chair with her in every room, that way, she doesn’t have to worry about trying to run to the potty when she has to go, she has it right there, because she is only three and she doesn’t know how to hold her bladder (not to mention it is horrible for them to hold their bladder.) She actually hasn’t had an accident since the day we started and she loves going. She always says “it makes you happy, you are ALWAYS happy when I use the potty, plus I get toys!” She also gets to wear big girl underwear now, which makes her want to do it even more!

  18. amorette says:

    relax! your kid can tell if you are stressed, so they get stressed and then think using the potty is scary. reward, but don’t criticize too much, even if they have an accident. better for you too!

  19. Umm Muadh says:

    hi, i have a very simple rule-take my kids 10 mins to the washroom, and ask him to pee, sometimes every 10 mins he does, sometimes no, and at the end he knows where he actually has to pee.(the trick is u shud take hime in EXACT 10 mins, no more, no less)

  20. Theresa Ailes says:

    I think it is important that the parents are just as ready if not more ready then the child they are trying to train. If you are not all in how can you expect your child to be?!

  21. Kristyn Featherston says:

    I find it easier to use the bare bottom method, that way when the child makes an accident on the floor, he/she will know not to do it again and go straight for the potty seat.

  22. Kellie Stewart says:

    I figured it was a good time to start training when I brought hom the baby potty, and my daughter immediately took off her diaper and sat on it, jumping up every minute to see if anything happened in the potty :)

  23. CoreyandTiffany Holtzinger says:

    Use Cheerios for my little boys– toss a couple in the toilet and tell them to “aim” inside the rings– it’s a fun little game and they want to play it all the time!!! What better way, then to associate fun with something they need to learn to do on a daily basis???

  24. ZAINS MOM says:

    BUBBLES!!! Zain loves bubbles so we use them as a reward. When he goes in the potty he gets to blow bubbles into the bathtub. I have even used them for targets in the toilet but we have decided sitting is a better option for us:P A couple of tips, don’t start too early. We tried that and it back fired. We had to wait until he was ready. And before you start the process get an idea of your babies natural potty schedule. Is it first thing in the morning or right after a meal and try to take them to sit on the potty in those peak times. And be patient! It doesn’t happend overnight; its a process.

  25. Kelsey Elizabeth Page says:

    I made a numbered chard and at numbers 10, 25, 50 I wrote in rewards (book, truck, legos). Each time he went he got a sticker and when he reached the numbers he was allowed then to receive a reward. Also a big thing was potty training fell during a vacation. We bought a stool for at home a week before our trip so he was used to it when we took it along. Whatever the method you choose, I would say consistency is the most important tool while potty training.

  26. Jan Jolley says:

    I’ll admit to using straight out bribery to get my oldest potty trained. He got an M&M every time he used the potty for #1 and I had a basket of small wrapped toys (cars, books, etc…) that he could pick from every time he went #2. It worked quickly for us!

  27. Crystal Moffat Banks says:

    Encourage your little one, but don’t pressure them.
    Praise is just as good as a treat, or a reward
    Praise them for every good effort!
    Don’t be too hard on them, they are going to have accidents. Being hard on them is just going to discourage them from trying.
    Be positive, stay positive, and when your little one is ready it will all fall together!

  28. Jennifer Ledzian Castellano says:

    My son was easy. I didnt do anything special. We started in the summer and the rule was no peeing in the pool so he thought it was cool to pee in the grass. when he got that then we went right to undies and he had 1 accident and hated it. My daughter is now showing interest(21 months) she knows when she has to go and says potty and points to her diaper. unfortunatley she has not been able to controll it enough to actually go on the potty but we leave the little potty in the living room. she sits on it for about 10-15 minutes at a time 2-3 times a day and if I catch her going in the diaper I just tell her to sit. hopefully she is trained by the end of the summer.

  29. Christina McFall Bolinger says:

    For boys, toss some cheerios or other loop-shaped cereal in the potty to give them something to “aim” for when they learn to stand & pee. For girls & boys both, take them shopping to pick out their “big kid” underwear & provide plenty of rewards in the way of goodies, (i.e., stickers, treats, etc.), AND verbal praise & celebration. Good luck, everyone…Meg & I are in the race with you. ;)

  30. LIBBY HOLL says:

    children have complete control over three things. eating, sleeping, and toileting…let them. they won’t be babies forever…enjoy it.

  31. Janell Huff says:

    I made up songs to familiar tunes and sang them to my daughter when she was on the potty. I also let her come in the bathroom with me when she wanted to and never acted embarrassed or uncomfortable (even when it was) and we would cheer for me every time I used the potty. That way she wasn’t taught to feel ashamed or embarrassed by her body functions. When she was really ready to potty train we started and it only took 2 days.

  32. Betsy Ryan Berube says:

    Best advice I could give is to wait until your little one is ready…otherwise you are just potty training yourself.

  33. Kari Han says:

    my best potty training advice after 14 years of nannying and 5 years of parenthood….is give the kid 3 days clothing free. when they pee, they know it. never get mad just say “uh oh, hers where the pee goes” and show the kid the potty again. i suggest doing this outside in the summer for the cleaning factor. ;)

  34. Jennifer Smith Hutchens says:

    Get rid of diapers completely!! Put the child in training underwear. When they have an accident, make them feel the wetness and say, “Ew…Mommy likes DRY pants.” Give them lots of opportunities to practice. Feed them salty snacks and sweet drinks (like juice or Kool-Aid). Reward with snacks when they do well. Dedicate the ENTIRE day to training and your child will be potty trained in a day. Both of mine were potty trained within one day.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I let my granddaughter go with me into the bathroom when she was small and asked her to listen for me to tinkle. When she was 2 she went in herself and asked me ” did you hear it?” For her first tinkle.

  36. Larisa Lucija Sito says:

    Not leavin the house, and Letting my daughter around naked for a week worked for her it entailed lots of cleaning but at the end of the week we were done with diapers for 22 months

  37. Kristen Woodstuff Levin says:

    I think having our son pick out his own potty at the store helped a lot. He also picked out a package of stickers to decorate it. Whenever he went on the potty, he got a sticker to put on the potty. It made the potty something special. Oh, and we made a.big deal every time he went.

  38. Miranda Hatch says:

    My best potty training tip we did with our oldest son when we started potty training him is to take a 3-4 day weekend and stay at home and just keep putting him on the potty every 30 mins. Worked for us!

  39. Letty Sonia Romero says:

    I started potty training my daughter when I found out I was expecting my second baby. she was 2 in a half and showing signs she was ready so we let her pick out her new potty chair and big girl undies. she did real good in the start of things but the down hill came when the baby came she refused to use the potty i tried everything you name it i tired it. she screamed as if it was the end of the world and i never punshied her for not going i figured she will get it sooner or later. well later came and i was losing my mind so i thriugh all the diapers and pull ups away and made her wear undies. well one day we had to go to the doctor for a check up and shots and boy did she have to go she was doing the pee pee dance i have ever seen. after the screaming of the shot i took her to the potty where she was causing a dramatic seen i told her if you dont let your pee pee out the doctor will have to give you another shot. as soon as i said that she let go and since then she has been going. I know it bad to scare her like that but finially something worked ..

  40. Lena Toulhoat Naef says:

    My best potty training tip is encourage your children, do not pressure them and cheer for them when they use the potty!

  41. karaly9026 says:

    Don’t give up, just keep trying! I have to tell myself that too :)

  42. Jackie Dragos Stanculet says:

    We are only 16 months old… but I plan to start potty training real soon.. have another princess that is due in October and would love to have this one out of diapers by then!! :)

  43. Jenny Pierce says:

    I have a 3 year old, and she has a colon blockage, which makes it extremely hard to potty train.

    HOWEVER, the best advice I got from her physician was “Don’t push it, when she’s ready, she’ll do it.” And guess what? She did! Now I have an 8 month old, can’t wait to potty train him too!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I am hoping encouragement and patience will do the trick. We are planning on potty training our first any day now. She is 26 months. Fingers crossed for success!:)

  45. Mandy McLaughlin Ferguson says:

    The tip that I always come back to is to “do it when they are ready.” It will never work until that point without constant setbacks, accidents, and parents running their child to the potty every 30 minutes. This age is different for every child, but if you wait until they are ready, it will be so much easier on everyone… parents AND child! :)

  46. Tasha Albold says:

    Lol! Trying to post with my name from my phone….I am hoping encouragement and patience will do the trick. We are planning on potty training our first any day now. She is 26 months. Fingers crossed for success!:)

  47. Kimberly Beauchamp says:

    Take thngs slowly and take their lead.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I plan on having my son practice with a teddy bear first, putting the teddy bear on the potty first so he knows what’s going on. Also having potty parties when he succeeds! Its still in the future but we def have ideas and plans.

  49. crystal swarmer says:

    The teddy bea and potty party was my comment :)

  50. Rebecca Fowler says:

    We used cheerios in the toilet, made it a target practice. :) and to reward him for having to go potty we had a bowl of candy that only mommy or daddy could access. :)

  51. Michelle Burtnett says:

    I believe potty training starts long before theyre ready. As a mom of 4, I made sure we talked about going potty on the toilet before my kiddos ever had interest. Whenever Id head to the bathroom (and remember to mention), Id tell them I had to use the potty and explain thats where we go. I also go through a list of people who they know that use the potty and not diapers.

    I didnt do food rewards. I always thought a good cheering on was the way to go. Telling them how proud you are and rooting for them to continue works! Everyone loves to be praised and cheered on.

    The biggest thing is to encourage them and not stress them out. I dont think scolding them is a good idea either. Spanking them or frightening them over an accident is a bad idea.

    If you choose pullups. I find the generic kind is more encouraging for daytime training than the ones that hold a bunch. I also tried cloth towards the end. Mine never liked the feeling of being wet.We used the heavy duty pullups for night-time use.

    Seeing their friends or older siblings use the potty or talk about using the potty helps too! I admit, I let my oldest son pee outside. Never in front of the general public. The joys of being a boy I guess. Thank god for rural living!

    Enjoy your little one being little. Theyre not going to head to college in a diaper. :)

  52. Dena Mae Garza says:

    alex my eldest son we had a very hard ime potty traingin but none of it was his fault the problem was consistency….you need to be constant in this effort with mother and father if they are both in the picture or just whomever is going to be taking care of them needs to be in on the constant traingin…..his trick finally came with a piggy bank earning money for a bike and grandma helping me….now when my 2nd son was 4months shy of being 3 he was watching enchantment with me and out of the blue he said “i want to marry a princess like that” and i looked at him and i said to him “honey if want to marry a princess like that you need to go pee and poopin the potty because princess’s dont marry boys that wear diapers” that was what it took for him to be done with diapers the easiest potty traing ive done yet!!! im on my 3rd son now and he just turned 2 and so far he enjoys going when someone else is either going or has just left the bathroom and does pretty good most the time……we haven’t gotten really serious in the effort yet. so in my learning every single child is different and so with consistency, encouragement, and something they want to do it for works best…..good luck to all of us potty training queens and kings!!!

  53. Lonni Clifford says:

    The best advice I was given was to make potty training fun and try using a reward system so they know that going potty is a good thing. Also, start early so they know the potty is not something they should be afraid of and have them go when you go so they don’t feel alone. Take it slowly and don’t get upset if they make a mess or it can ruin the experience. (this happened to my over-reactive sister and her 9 year old is still afraid of the potty.) Just keep at it and good luck!!!

  54. Ann Magyar says:

    Poop chart! Fill it in with stickers every time they poop in the toilet, with a big prize when they fill the chart. The kid gets to track their progress and it gives them a tangable record of their success…plus they have something to show off! Nothing says family memory like a picture of a proud child displaying his completed poop chart!

  55. Katherine D. Montgomery says:

    My son potty trained at 2. We were walking around the store and he wanted big boy underwear! Never went back! My daughter s being stubborn tho. She is 18 months so it’s still early. But the best advice I can give is they will do it when they are ready!

  56. Heather Lambert says:

    my little girl is 2 and shes been doing great potty training. all i did was put panties on her and tell her when she peed and told her she needed to pee in the potty. after about a week she started going all by herself and hardly ever any accidents. shes just proud of herself and loves my praise. i didnt need a special potty or a reward system.

  57. Anonymous says:

    consistency, is the key. just like discipline, if you don’t make the effort as a parent to really be on top of things, the child will be missing the guidance they need. and of course, no pressure from the parents, only praising. although I have yet to succed wiht my 3 year old son, I just keep on going and stay positive. And I plan to be more consistent with my twin girlsm who are 1 and who already go towards the brother’s potty, so hopefully they will be quicker!!!! hope to win this potty, looks amazing! like you on facebook!! sarah xoxo

  58. sarah deschatelets says:

    just added the comment june 30th 1:17 pm and forgot to put my name, dah!!!! its sarah deschatelets!

  59. Stacy Higginbotham says:

    Consistency and positive reinforcement … don’t make the bathroom a negative place or the whole thing will take longer. And, for boys, I heard cheerios in the toilet help with aim. :) No word on what that does to the plumbing….

  60. Stacey Kinsman Castro says:

    How did you know we were ready to potty train? With my first, tried not to stress and rewarded her with a mini M&M – worked like a charm!

  61. Cali Ross Zingale says:

    Potty training begins with a good and positive portrayal of it. Start talking to them about using the potty and letting them in with you. Let them play with the potty, once my son knew what it was about he loved to sit on the potty even when he didn’t have to go. Once his body and brain were able to make the “i have to go potty” connection the rest was history.

  62. Anonymous says:

    When my kids were ready one around three and the other around 2, I just had a schedule after breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in between, 3 extra times a day, a total of 6-7 everyday, sitting on the training potty and waalaa, miracles began to occur, eventually, patience is the key and high praise!

  63. Tammy Lieber McInerney says:

    Be patient. Most kids aren’t really ready until after 2 1/2. When they are dry after naps for a couple weeks then really start the potty training. Less stress for Mom, Dad, and your little one.

  64. Anonymous says:

    We implemented” potty boot camp” w/our 3 year old. For three straight days,we stayed home and constantly had on big girl pants. We suffered thru lots of accidents, but by the end of day two,she had it:) We made a potty chart and she got to pick a sticker out every time she put something in the toilet and i think more importantly, assured her accidents happened and were not a big deal.

  65. Lisa Royalty Redford says:

    Ok So I would love to win this potty for my Grand daughter. The best advice I have is do not try to potty train your child too early. A lot of parents do not realize that toddlers are not even able to hold urine until 2 yrs old and some a little older. Be patient with them and routinely take them to the potty. I would set my alarm during the night and take my son to potty during the night because he did not want to wear a diaper at night. I also would reward him every time he went “peepee” in the potty. I actually gave him M&M’s just a few and praise him too. He was so proud of himself.

  66. Stephanie Arroyo says:

    Although I am a first time mommy and have not gone through a personal potty training experience with my own child just yet, I have worked in many daycare centers dealing with potty training. I agree with having a positive reinforcement and also agree with having a sticker chart. It also takes a lot of patience from what I have seen. Another issue I had crossed was actually washing the hands after using the potty. Almost all of the children I had dealt with just like to put the soap on their hands and rinse under the water instantly without rubbing the soap. A nice little trick I learned was to show the kids if they rubbed their hands together fast enough that more bubbles would form the longer they rubbed. I never had a child afraid of going to the potty with a constant positive attitude from myself towards them and all of the kids in my classrooms always loved to wash their hands and would even run to the bathroom just to wash their hands for fun!

  67. Stephanie Arroyo says:

    Although I am a first time mommy and have not gone through a personal potty training experience with my own child just yet, I have worked in many daycare centers dealing with potty training. I agree with having a positive reinforcement and also agree with having a sticker chart. It also takes a lot of patience from what I have seen. Another issue I had crossed was actually washing the hands after using the potty. Almost all of the children I had dealt with just like to put the soap on their hands and rinse under the water instantly without rubbing the soap. A nice little trick I learned was to show the kids if they rubbed their hands together fast enough that more bubbles would form the longer they rubbed. I never had a child afraid of going to the potty with a constant positive attitude from myself towards them and all of the kids in my classrooms always loved to wash their hands and would even run to the bathroom just to wash their hands for fun! Also I had seen more improvement with mommy and daddy educating early on what going potty was and what the bathroom was used for.

  68. Keelan Bears Jenkins says:

    Follow your little ones lead. Don’t stress them out or yourself. It will happen,

  69. Amelia Bienstock says:

    Rosie C, amorette, Jennifer Sami, Tian Hapsari, Theresa Ailes, Janell Huff CONGRATULATIONS! You are all winners of Baby Bjorn Golden Training Potties! (The other winners have been notified via facebook message.) Please get in contact with me to receive your prizes by e-mailing your name, address, and phone number to


  70. Amelia Bienstock says:

    *AND Corey and Tiffany Holtzinger

    Thank you!

  71. asholan says:

    My daughter was potty trained and wearing only Underwear at 21 months..My trick was to simply not give her the chance to pee in her pants and male sure it always went in the potty. I did this by putting he ron the potty every single 15 minutes no matter what. She only ever peed one time and that was while she was I tell my “trick” to has tried it and it worked just as great for them :)

  72. asholan says:

    Adding onto my previous tip…..I also did away with all the diapers before starting my plan. We went and she picked out undies and just started wearing them from that point on. I also gave her 1 small treat (skittle or M&M) for peeing and 2 for pooping. It all worked so well she NEVER even peed to bed :)

  73. Anonymous says:

    We r getting ready to potty training my two yr other 2 r girls.and r done.

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