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One of the biggest purchases for your baby is the stroller, riddled with safety, style, and status issues - as well as affordability, of course, considering some strollers climb above the $1,000 mark. The choices and questions are seemingly endless: How do you accommodate your newborn without wasting money on a short-lived purchase? What are the features you absolutely need? Are luxury strollers really worth it? Can you find a good stroller in the $100 range?

To make your search easier, Babble assembled and test-drove over 30 of the newest strollers - from lightweight umbrella strollers to all-terrain joggers - to find the best of the best for every budget, geographic location, and age group. Did we miss one? Nominate your favorite stroller here.

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BEST UMBRELLA | Bumbleride 2010 Flite Stroller

Best Strollers: Bumbleride 2010 Flite Stroller



Aren’t umbrella strollers the same thing as lightweight strollers? Yes, in fact they’re the lightest strollers you can possibly buy, weighing less than 15 pounds. What sets umbrella strollers apart is their unique extra-compact fold, perfect for running errands and traveling. And while they can also be the most inexpensive strollers around, today’s umbrella strollers aren’t the traditional thin, plasticky strollers that provide no support or storage whatsoever.

Out of all the umbrella strollers we tested, the Bumbleride Flite had the best balance between minimalist style and functional features. It was one of the most maneuverable umbrella strollers we tested – riding smoothly, feeling sturdy, and being quite supportive for our little ones. We also like that the Bumbleride reclines (almost fully), the footrest is adjustable, the sun canopy has decent coverage, and the interior feels cushioned and plush. The storage could be better – you can’t expect much with an umbrella stroller – but we like that the storage basket is designed to be accessible from the front, which means you can still have access when the seat is reclined. Weighing in at 13 pounds, the Bumbleride Flite is compatible with 8 different car seats as well as the Bumbleride carrycot – giving you serious longevity. And while it’s by no means an all-terrain stroller, you can lock the front wheels for bumpier pavement or grass. More features we love: a cupholder comes with (which most umbrella strollers don’t have) and a child’s snack tray can be bought separately. We especially love that the stroller has an automatic lock and carry handle, making it perfect for travel.

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