No More Nightmares: 6 Bedtime Stories to Read to Kids Before Bed


Whatever your children are scared of–monsters under the bed, creaky stairs, the dark–we’ve got you covered.

  • oscar-and-bat-book-sound.jpg

    Oscar and the Bat: A Book About Sound by Geoff Waring

    Lots of spooky noises come alive at night that can scare kids: hooting owls, whispering wind, clashing thunder. This book explains why sound–even scary sound–is important. Plus, it will show your children how to use their ears to tell how far or near something is, and to find something, like a bird’s nest or raindrops, before their eyes actually see it.

    Lesson Learned: The world would be really boring

    without sound.

  • theres-no-place-like-space.jpg

    There’s No Place Like Space! by Tish Rabe

    Nighttime is synonymous with being dark and dreary, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not teach them about just what’s out there in our vast universe? Starting with the moon, this book takes kids on a super-speedy trip through our solar system, and addresses questions like, ‘If the Earth is always spinning, why aren’t we dizzy?’ Who knows, after a few reads, you may have some night owls on your hands!

    Lesson learned: Darkness isn’t scary when you know what’s out there.

  • dark-night.jpg

    Dark Night by Dorothee de Monfreid

    This story about a boy named Felix who encounters some ferocious-looking animals in the woods will give your kids a boost of bravery before bedtime. At first, the forest animals frighten Felix but he runs into a wise rabbit that says, hey, if something scares you, scare ’em back! Halloween mask in hand, Felix turns the tables on his nemeses.

    Lesson learned: Confidence goes along way in combating scary stuff.

  • scariest-monster-world.jpg

    The Scariest Monster In The World by Lee Weatherly & Algy Craig Hall

    If your kids are scared of monsters under the bed, read them this funny tale about a monster that gets hiccups-and can’t get rid of them! Not only does it show that even the most menacing creatures have a soft side, we find out in the end that the monster’s scare tactics are mostly for show.

    Lesson learned: Monsters aren’t that different

    than you and me.

  • what-was-scared-of.jpg

    What Was I Scared Of? by Dr. Seuss

    You can’t go wrong with classic Dr. Seuss, and lucky for you, he’s concocted a tale sure to soothe your child’s fears of creatures lurking in the dark. Read this wacky tale about a kid who stumbles upon a pair of (literal) scared-ey pants that rides bikes, rows boats-even runs around with no feet!

    Lesson learned: The things you’re most scared of are probably just as scared of you. (Bonus: The book is glow-in-the-dark!)

  • creaky-old-house.jpg

    Creaky Old House by Linda Ashman

    Got a creaky house? Read this to your kids. This story about a family with a house full of drafty shutters and dilapidated stairs shows that everything “spooky” only became that way through years of love. (The fraying rug? That’s where Gran and Grandpa jitterbug!)

    Lesson learned: A creaky house is a happy house.