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Kids Backpacks 2011

Sure, your kids will have new pencils and binders and jeans, but we all know they're most excited about their brand-new back-to-school backpacks. Whether your little ones are heading out to preschool this year (sniff) or need something uber-cool for their brand new middle-school hallways (sniff, sniff), we found the ultimate school bag choices to flaunt their inner coolness and sense of style. (And to be organized and studious, of course.) Make sure to check out our readers' choice section for even more of the hottest backpacks, and, if we missed one, nominate your favorites here.
- Michelle Horton

Best for Trendy Tots | Spiketus Rex from Mad Pax

Babble Best Kids Backpacks 2011: Spiketus Rex from Mad Pax



If your little one is more likely to set the schoolyard trends than follow them, prepare for a dino-rific epidemic in the hallways after your kid shows up sporting spikes. Whether he or she wants to flaunt his or her obvious coolness or don’t-mess-with-me attitude, the Spiketus Rex will simultaneously ward off bullies and inspire a loyal herd of kids with the same spiked packs strutting down the hallways. With sizes ranging from preschool up to high school and colors from pink to snakeskin, these bags give all kids access to style in the wild world of schoolyard play.

Get it from Mad Pax, $28 – $60

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    This may be a little outdated but I wanted to share another 6 ADORABLE DIY backpacks

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