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The New York Toy Fair is one of the biggest toy conventions in the world, with everyone from toy giants (like Hasbro and Fisher-Price) to innovative start-up companies (like Begin Again and iBuKu) sharing their newest designs and imaginative ideas for kids toys. We were the envy of every child this week, sorting through hundreds of thousands of new products to find the very best toys of 2012. And we have to say it was an impressive year, filled with tech innovations, toys made of unique eco-materials, and a few brand new companies that deserve serious recognition. If we missed one of your favorite new toys of 2012, nominate it here! - Michelle Horton

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Switch & Go Dinos | VTech

Babble lists the hottest new toys hitting shelves this year!



VTech is sidestepping away from toddler tablets and laptops and is moving into the world of vehicles – transforming vehicles, that is. Their newest Switch & Go Dinos easily change from car or truck or airplane to dinosaur. But it wouldn’t be VTech without a little technology, which is why each toy spews out educational, fun facts about whatever kind of dinosaur it is. Even the little screen on the toy transforms from a driver to a dinosaur face, making appropriate sounds depending on which mode it’s in.

Ages: 3 years+

Price: $15.99 – $50

Available: August 2012

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