Luxury Kids Clothing


  • Baby Loafers 1 of 19
    Baby Loafers
    Sure, your baby may not need shoes yet, but the buttery leather on these fair-trade loafers will pamper his pretty little feet.
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  • Oscar de la Renta Frocks 2 of 19
    Oscar de la Renta Frocks
    Hey, if this designer’s good enough for A-list celebrities, he’s good enough for your girly girl!
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  • Jacket with Built-In Safari Vest 3 of 19
    Jacket with Built-In Safari Vest
    This jacket has lots of pockets for your little royal to store whatever he finds on his adventures around Buckingham palace — er, or your backyard.
    Get this jacket with built-in safari vest
  • Royal Baby Shoes 4 of 19
    Royal Baby Shoes
    Give your baby the royal treatment with these soft-soled shoes designed by a real-life princess. They’re made with leather, silk velvet, and Swarovski crystals — only the best for royalty!
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  • Burberry Trench Coat 5 of 19
    Burberry Trench Coat
    The Brit designer’s iconic trench should be a staple in even the youngest fashionista’s wardrobe.
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  • Clothes with a Vintage Feel 6 of 19
    Clothes with a Vintage Feel
    With vintage clothes, you can pretend your kid’s wardrobe was passed down to him or her from older (blue-blooded) generations.
    Get clothes with a vintage feel
  • Zuzii Joli Petal Shoes 7 of 19
    Zuzii Joli Petal Shoes
    They’re like Louboutins for babies!
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  • Baby Clothes from Europe 8 of 19
    Baby Clothes from Europe
    To dress your kid like a European royal, pick up one of these pieces from Danish clothing line Noa Noa.
    Get Noa Noa clothes
  • Polka-Dot Dress 9 of 19
    Polka-Dot Dress
    The bow detail on this polka-dot dress is the perfect accent for your posh princess.
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  • Suede Boys Boots 10 of 19
    Suede Boys Boots
    These Italian suede boots were made for walking — or showing off at the royal court.
    Get suede boys boots
  • Frilly, Flouncy Tutu 11 of 19
    Frilly, Flouncy Tutu
    Because a princess just isn’t a princess without a super fancy tutu!
    Get a frilly, flouncy tutu
  • A.BIRD Clothing 12 of 19
    A.BIRD Clothing
    With puffed sleeves and ruffled trim details, this dreamy kids clothing line certainly fits the royalty bill.
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  • French Striped Shirt 13 of 19
    French Striped Shirt
    A classic striped shirt is très chic, and no one makes them better than French label Petit Bateau.
    Get a French striped shirt
  • Gucci Baby Shoes 14 of 19
    Gucci Baby Shoes
    Even if baby doesn’t know how to walk yet, royal feet deserve only the best designer shoes!
    Get Gucci baby shoes
  • Something Purple 15 of 19
    Something Purple
    Since purple is the color of royalty, it’s a must-have for your kid’s wardrobe!
    Something Purple
  • Stella McCartney Rain Boots 16 of 19
    Stella McCartney Rain Boots
    These sunny yellow boots make it fun to splash around in puddles — without ruining an expensive outfit.
    Get Stella McCartney rain boots
  • Hevea Pacifier 17 of 19
    Hevea Pacifier
    This all-natural binky is adored by Hollywood royalty — and its adorable crown cut-outs make it the perfect accessory for actual royalty, too!
    Get a Hevea pacifier
  • Eiffel Tower Dress 18 of 19
    Eiffel Tower Dress
    A ruffled trim adds just the right bounce to this Parisian-themed party dress.
    Get the Eiffel Tower dress
  • Ballet Flats 19 of 19
    Ballet Flats
    Grab these feminine flats in one of six colors as a sweet little touch to any outfit.
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