Top 25 Android Apps for Moms

When I got my new Android phone, I was eager to load it up with fun and useful apps. I figured it would be easy to find apps to keep me and my family organized and informed throughout the day. As it turned out, there are a ton of apps - if you're an iPhone user; Android moms have to dig deeper. I know that lots of moms have been getting Android phones; I hope this list helps you make the most of yours. - Sonya Mukherjee

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Top 25 Android Apps for Moms: ShopSavvy



ShopSavvy’s Rankings

OK, yes, that new toy in the store does look pretty awesome, and it might even keep the kids occupied long enough for you to take a shower. But is it really worth $40? With ShopSavvy, you use your phone’s camera to scan the barcode and find out whether anyone is selling the same item for less, either locally or online. The app will show you a map of local stores that carry the item, and it gives you links to their websites and phone numbers. I have to admit that at my favorite independent stores, I feel too guilty to scan the barcodes; if the price doesn’t sound unreasonable, I’d rather go ahead and support the mom and pop shops. But when I do shop the chains, I don’t hesitate to take advantage of ShopSavvy.

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