Top 50 Shopping Sites for Moms, 2011


Leaving the house with a kid or more in tow to shop is not on the top of any parent's priority list. Thankfully you can pretty much buy anything from toilet paper to teething rings online, but sometimes you want that personal assistance typically found in stores. These 50 blogs and sites offer just that, whether it's through helpful product picks and sage advice, photos and instructional videos, or just by including heavy doses of humor.

While it was almost impossible to narrow the list down to just 50 sites, we've included a wide mix of products and price points for your shopping pleasure. So whether you're looking for that perfect pair of jeans, eco-friendly baby gear, or great gifts for all ages, we hope these sites will make navigating the mega-mall that is cyberspace just a little bit easier. Did we miss any of your favorites? Nominate them here! - Christina Ohly Evans

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