Top 25 Travel Blogs for Families

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After a seemingly endless winter, our thoughts are turning to the wonderful, warm concept of summer vacation. The 25 travel blogs we've highlighted here provide everything from practical advice (packing lists, passport info, how to navigate a souk in Marrakech) to gear guides to pure armchair escapism. So whether you're looking for destination ideas or for that perfect bikini to wear on the beach in Brazil, these sites offer a wealth of advice and expertise for families on the go. - Christina Ohly Evans

Useful for Planning


Ciao Bambino »

Amie O’Shaughnessy, Editor (with other contributors) and mom, Lausanne


Have Baby Will Travel »

Corinne McDermott

3. »

Suzanne Rowan Kelleher


Delicious Baby »

Debbie Dubrow


Hip Travel Mama »

Anne Hartzell

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18 thoughts on “Top 25 Travel Blogs for Families 2011

  1. Traci LaRosa Suppa says:

    If your travel tastes include quirky sites like the world’s largest ball of twine, please vote on the “reader’s choice” page for my humorous family travel blog, Go BIG or Go Home. Its a chronicle of what happens when my small-town family visits the worlds largestwhatever! We hit the road to seek out the worlds largest bowling pin, kaleidoscope, or light bulb, then rate the attraction so you can decide whether to Go BIG, or stay home!

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  5. Daly says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for to plan my travel. Thanks!

  6. Would love to be considered next time. We are an Aussie family who have been travelling 14 months so far… and still going!

  7. Dwayne says:

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  13. Charlotte says:
    This popped up on my Twitter feed. Someone is suing Expedia over its vacation waiver policy claiming it violates consumer protection laws regarding children under two years of age? I’m going to offer a hypothesis here. The under-2s were travelling free, i.e. as lap-children and staying for free in the hotels/condos; Expedia made the parents pay the cancellation insurance on the under-2s. Therefore, the argument would be that as no business was charging for these children to fly or stay, there should have been no extra charge by Expedia for the insurance.

  14. Lukas says:

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