50 Best Parenting Books

Once upon a time, we parented in communities, with the accumulated wisdom of generations of family members at our disposal. Now parents are more isolated, but the fact remains that we aren't meant to do this job on our own. For many of us, parenting books have helped fill the gap.

They say that kids don't come with an instruction manual - it's true - but if you're like me, you've found parenting books that speak to you. To meet the daunting task of picking and ranking the top 50 parenting books, I've considered a slew of texts in terms of how relevant and popular they are, how scientifically sound, how challenging or fresh their perspective, and how influential they have been to other books in their genre.

Just remember as you stock your library that while we know a lot about psychology and medicine, parenting is not an exact science - it's an art form. - Heather Turgeon

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The Sleepeasy Solution | Jennifer Waldburger and

Jill Spivack

50 Best Parenting Books - The Sleepeasy Solution



The Sleepeasy Solution’s Rankings

The book: From the creators of Sleepy Planet, this is a practical how-to guide for helping children ages four months to five years sleep through the night.

Top tips:

  • Start a bedtime routine when your baby is eight weeks old.

  • Create a sleep-friendly environment. For example, on a scale from one to 10, where 10 is pitch black, use shades heavy enough to make your child’s room an 8 in the morning and during naps.

  • After you start a sleep program, remove all sleep associations (like rocking or music) your child can’t re-create on her own in the middle of the night. The goal is for her to wake up in the same environment in which she drifted off.

Why we picked it: This is the most concise, clear, step-by-step baby sleep book out there. It also respects both the emotional needs of the child and the sleep needs of the whole family, telling you precisely what to do to get the sleep you and your baby require.

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5 thoughts on “Top Parenting Books 2011

  1. Rufus Griscom says:

    I just bought “what’s going on in there” on amazon — so up my alley — and I am checking out the others. Nurtureshock is wonderful … highly recommended.

  2. Heather McDuffy Tristan says:

    I love What’s Going on in There! It is one of my go-to baby shower books! That and The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease (how did this not make the list?) and Aden and Anais swaddling wraps. Although I think NurtureShock is going to have to go on my to-give list too after reading it.

  3. shawna says:

    all the spam listed below.. Horrible. :(

  4. Julissa says:

    Going to put this atrcile to good use now.

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