Top 50 Food Apps for Moms

Whether you're placating hungry kiddos, planning the week's menu, or getting ready for an all-too-rare date night, you're constantly answering the question: What's for dinner? Luckily, with its ability to keep you organized, map store routes, and gather reviews and recipes in seconds, your smartphone was built to solve this daily dilemma.

For Babble's roundup of the top 50 iPhone, iPad, and Android food apps for moms, we tried to cover the range of food-related thinking: from grocery shopping to meal preparation, all the way to food allergies and other dietary specifics that might be concerns for your family. In the end we were happy to find that many of our picks were available across not just the iPhone and iPad, but also the Android - because, unlike smartphone preferences, the love of a good meal is universal. We've broken down our top 50 food apps by category, price, and platform (iPhone, iPad, Android, or all of the above). We tried to find free versions of the apps wherever possible, but the truth is, many free apps either include ads or limit the number of features you can use. So if the paid version of an app felt stronger, then that's the app we recommended. We hope you have as much fun checking these out as we did testing them.

- Aaron Burgess

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4 thoughts on “Top 50 Food Apps for Moms 2011

  1. NOVA mom says:

    Apps for Moms? are we still in the 50′s?

  2. Ronal Norwood says:

    June Cleaver likes this post…like the men in a two wage earner household don’t do some or sometimes ALOT of the cooking? come on Ag?

  3. Katieoh says:

    Duh, you too!!! Get a life some moms like being moms!!

  4. CADad says:

    I’m a dad and I cook as much as Mom does. No problem, Babble — I still love you. Great list, BTW!

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