Top 25 iPhone Photo Apps for Parents


Many of us have the urge to document every cute face and every big first in our child's life. Thanks to our iPhone camera, we can actually do it. The phone's 5-megapixel camera with a built-in LED flash makes the quality of our shots as good, if not better, than most point-and-shoot cameras. And on top of that, the iPhone also offers more than 4,000 apps devoted to the art (and fun) of photography. Read More »

These apps make it possible to do everything from adding captions to your favorite images to shooting vintage-looking pics. The apps chosen for our top 25 list offer tools to help you create, edit, and share beautiful memories of your little loves to help you capture the moments you'll want to preserve forever. Did we miss a favorite app of yours? Nominate it here! - Thalia A-M Bruehl

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Photo Captions

Top 25 iPhone Photo Apps: Photo Captions



Photo Captions’ Rankings

This fun photo-editing app lets you write captions, add colorful stickers, make holiday-themed cards, and share your creations. Photo Captions comes in three versions (Photo Captions, Photo Captions Premium, and Photo Captions Free). The free version offers plenty of options, but there is an added watermark on all final images; the watermark comes off when you upgrade to a paid version. Cool feature: Photo Captions also lets you download and edit your Facebook friends’ photos. You can then post the altered versions right back up on your Facebook profile. A great way to nab and use pictures of your tots that others have taken!

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10 thoughts on “Top 25 iPhone Photo Apps 2011 (-2)

  1. Amelia Bienstock says:

    I want an iphone SO badly!

  2. albruehl says:

    One of the most comprehensive and helpful articles on iPhone photography I’ve ever found. The iPhone is the MOST USED camera on Flickr, and it’s only going to grow. This is such an important piece of how we use technology, and A-M Bruehl really helps us navigate this broad and growing landscape. I would expect something like this on cnet! Thanks! (Hipstamatic is my fav)

  3. Fox in Flats says:

    What about this one: Dress up your unborn child with Pimp My Ultrasound??? !

  4. Aaron Shaw says:

    Check out the free KinKast Video Sharing App. It is the fastest and easiest way to privately share any video on your iPhone with friends and family wherever they live. Just select the videos you want to share and tell KinKast who you want to share with. The App uploads the videos in the background and sends an e-mail to your loved-ones with a private viewing link!

  5. Jill Capewell says:

    i LOVE instagram. i want my whole life to look like a muted-color, square photo

  6. Kurt says:

    An app I made that you might find interesting is called PhotoTangler ( ), which offers a fun, unique solution for blending images together into collages.

  7. Keira C says:

    This is such an informative post. I’ll definitely check some of the applications mentioned in here. By the way, another good app that you might find interesting is Snap-A-Note. Not that comprehensive compared to the ones mentioned above, but I find it truly useful since it allows you to take photos and send them to your email or your friends’ email, since it has a built in mailing system. Ideal to use if you’re going to share the photos to your friends who do not frequent Facebook and other social networking sites. Keep on posting!

  8. marybeth says:

    would somebody please do a post about best apps for an android phone???? sick of the iPhone centrism!

  9. sourav says:

    Instafusion Image Blender-The Best Apps to Improve Your Instagram !!Instafusion Top Photo-Editing Apps for Iphone,ipod and Ipad(Universal)!!

  10. shuvosri says:

    photo effects studio effection app… i just love this app…

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