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Raising children close in age sounds good in theory (built-in playmates and the ability to get through the baby stage in one chunk), but once the realization sets in that you somehow have to get around town with this crew, it's a different story. Suddenly you're in the market for every parent's worst nightmare - a double stroller - and you're clueless about what you're supposed to be shopping for.

Double strollers are notorious for being over-priced, hard-to-maneuver monstrosities, but stress not. We tested a slew of different double strollers in order to find the very best for each particular lifestyle and budget. And, delightfully, we came across quite a few strollers we could not only tolerate but actually really loved. Once you decide which features are most important to your particular needs (like whether you need a convert from one stroller to two or one that can accommodate as many kids as possible), read through our picks for the best of the best. Don't forget to check our Reader's Picks as well, since some of them might be better for your unique priorities.

Testing Methods:
Each stroller was tested with a 5-month-old, 18-month-old and 3-year-old. Besides testing the basics (ease of assembly, use, break-down and storage), we also tested each stroller in as many environments as we could: urban sidewalks, rural trails, hills and parks. Also note that we had our tester climb into the attachable second seat for each convertible stroller, just to check if any would tip; none did. We only tested them with the accessories that came with the stroller (we were sent second seats with the convertible strollers), so we didn't test any of them with infant car seats or bassinet attachments. No strollers were tested with newborns.

BEST OVERALL | Baby Jogger City Select

Best Double Strollers: Baby Jogger City Select




Double strollers are the kind of products bought out of sheer necessity (don’t they just look overwhelming?), yet we can honestly say that this Baby Jogger City Select had us wishing for two under two, just for an excuse to use it on a daily basis. It combines almost everything that the best strollers have: It’s narrow enough for city streets yet has wheels to handle rough terrain. It’s incredibly easy to set up, break down and store. It maneuvers like butter and, most impressively, there are 16 different seating arrangements for any age combination. The stadium-seating alone is one of our favorite parts of the stroller’s design because it’s more visually stimulating for baby number two, plus it’s not quite as long as the typical tandem stroller. And when we realized we could easily (key word: easily) twist and turn one or both kids any way we wanted, we were sold. If you’re having twins, this is the only luxury stroller we tested that could accommodate two car seats at once, making it perfect for newborns. You’ll have to buy all of the attachments separately (like the second stroller seat, bassinet and/or car seat), so it won’t be cheap considering the single stroller starts over the $450 mark. (You can always opt for the Chicco or Graco for a cheaper alternative for newborn twins, but those strollers aren’t nearly as versatile or easy to use as the Baby Jogger.) But on top of everything, the fact that it’s a convertible stroller – meaning it can be a single or a double – could actually save you money in the long run.

Get it from Baby Jogger, $499; $110 for second seat

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  1. Titia says:

    Home run! Great slugigng with that answer!

  2. charles says:

    nicely done , good reivew

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, as a mom of two infants, I’ve searched hundreds of websites & a no. Of stores at Manhattan & Brooklyn……..& as per my research the one & only stroller that meets all the requirements & is REALLY affordable is Options Tandem Double Stroller. It has all the features that I wanted in a double stroller…. It offers a no. Of seating positions like this baby jogger city select, it’s really light weight, easy to maneuver, & it cost me 219$ (includind Tax) …… Hard to believe that I found a double stroller in half the price of my single one. I have been using it for a year now & continuously getting compliments on it(it’s red in color), no problems so far, the quality of materials is really good as I was not so sure about the quality BUT Kolcraft did an amazing job…….I m so happy I bought it….. I got everything I wanted … the fraction of the cost I would have to pay for other brands

  5. kbaby says:

    While I like this stroller, it won’t be your one and only double. The seat backs are relatively low, so children outgrow it sooner rather than later. In a couple of years, this stroller would need to be replaced for another model that carries older children better. This is best for 0-2yr

  6. Mr John says:

    All stroller looks very awesome but i love the double stroller most.

  7. Mrs. Kate says:

    Nice stroller images you share with us but i like that double stroller most.

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