Unique Valentine's Day Ideas for Her


  • Italian City Bike 1 of 14
    Italian City Bike
    There’s no better way to explore the English countryside than in a vintage bike &mdash watch out
    for paparazzi!
    Get an Italian city bike
  • Custom Bangles 2 of 14
    Custom Bangles
    The subtle curves on these bracelets are actually carved from a photograph of a loved one’s profile. It’s like a little secret between couples!
    Get custom bangles
  • Romance in a Cup of Hot Chocolate 3 of 14
    Romance in a Cup of Hot Chocolate
    What can you get a future princess who has everything? A personalized silver spoon covered in chocolate, of course!
    Get a personalized silver hot chocolate spoon
  • A Rare Antique Map of Her Hometown 4 of 14
    A Rare Antique Map  of Her Hometown
    This map of Berkshire, England, where Kate was born, dates all the way back to the 17th century.
    Get a rare antique map
  • Kate Spade Rain Boots 5 of 14
    Kate Spade Rain Boots
    Such stylish boots would make a perfect addition to Kate’s already-chic wardrobe. (And we hear London gets a good amount of rain…)
    Get Kate Spade rain boots
  • Paulette Macarons 6 of 14
    Paulette Macarons
    Made in a swanky Beverly Hills bakery, these macarons are the ultimate “designer” pastries.
    Get Paulette macarons
  • Rebecca Minkoff Handbag 7 of 14
    Rebecca Minkoff Handbag
    The royal fashionista would no doubt love a sleek and trendy handbag that’s roomy enough for whatever she needs.
    Get a Rebecca Minkoff handbag
  • Rodin Olio Lusso Skincare Products 8 of 14
    Rodin Olio Lusso Skincare Products
    A few drops of this line’s luxury face oil are all Kate needs to be ready for her close-up.
    Get Rodin Olio Lusso products
  • Milk and Honey Shoes 9 of 14
    Milk and Honey Shoes
    Will may want to call up Kate’s sis for some help designing a custom pair of shoes from
    Milk and Honey.
    Design shoes from Milk and Honey
  • Handmade Leather Purse 10 of 14
    Handmade Leather Purse
    This line of leather goods has been beautifully crafted for a look that’s both classic and fresh &mdash just like Kate!
    Get a handmade leather purse
  • Another Ring Shell Love 11 of 14
    Another Ring Shell Love
    Sure, it may not be as fabulous as the sapphire stunner she’s already sporting, but a quirky, handmade ring is one of a kind.
    Get a ring she’ll love
  • Custom Pillow Cover 12 of 14
    Custom Pillow Cover
    This hand-embroidered gift is like carving your name in a tree trunk &mdash in pillow form!
    Get a custom pillow cover
  • “LoveYou” Necklace 13 of 14
    "LoveYou" Necklace
    Brits aren’t really known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves &mdash but what about their necks?
    Get a “LoveYou” necklace
  • Driftwood Hearts 14 of 14
    Driftwood Hearts
    Handmade by a couple in Hawaii, these hearts are an unconventional token of love for
    the royal fiancée.
    Get a driftwood heart

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