10 Reasons You're Trying to Run From a Good Man

Earlier this year, I wrote an article on our site called, “10 Reasons I Knew He Was The One.” It resonated with a lot of people, but one comment got me thinking.

The comment below made me think of how many men and women can’t find the one because they are too busy running away from him or her. Before you tell me that I’m crazy, read the comment below then discover my ten reasons you’re trying to run from a good man.

When you’re done make sure you check out my husband Lamar’s article for men: Ten Reasons You’re Trying To Run From a Good Woman

Previous Comment: THANK YOU FOR THIS CONFIRMATION!!! I am not kidding, EVERYTHING that you listed is exactly why I feel the way I do about my fiancé. I tried to run on more than one occasion but he wouldn’t let me. It felt too good and I wasn’t used to that. No drama and that I wasn’t used to either. He was and continues to be patient with me. And the way he loves my children! Words cannot even express. I call him my B.F.F. (Blessing From THE FATHER/Best Friend Forever) Again, I thank you for sharing. I love this site! You guys keep up the great work! Peace and Blessings.

  • 10 Reasons You’re Trying to Run from a Good Man 1 of 11

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  • 1. You’re Afraid to Need Him 2 of 11

    Many women of today are constantly being told that they need to be independent, to be able to take care of themselves, and that they don't need anyone, especially a man, to live the life that they want.  Unfortunately, this way of thinking doesn't go over so well when it comes to relationships. Check out this great post: Why Admitting I Need My Husband Was So Hard for Me 


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  • 2. Your Man is Challenging You to Be Better 3 of 11
    couple_stare_Valentin Mosichev

    Hopefully if you have a good man, his integrity and the way he lives his life is challenging you to become a better person. This forces you to stretch outside of yourself which can be a good thing if you're willing to grow.


    Photo Credit: Valentin Mosichev

  • 3. You Haven’t Let Go of Past Hurt 4 of 11

    You're still carrying around the baggage of failed relationships from the past and it's having an effect on the man that you have in your life now. In order to move forward with taking your relationship to the next level, you have to release the pain from the past.


    Photo Credit: iofoto

  • 4. Because You Want a Bad Boy 5 of 11

    The guy you said was "too nice" has been married for 5 years already. He is a great husband and a great dad. But on the bright side, you got the bad boy that you wanted. Unfortunately, you also got all of the mess that came with him and that leads us to the next point.


    Photo Credit: nutech21


  • 5. Because You Need the Drama 6 of 11
    coupleangry_Andrey Kiselev

    Some people don't feel right if they don't have drama in their relationships. I've seen women push good men away because they didn't bring the drama. If there was an absence of drama, then it seemed like something must have been wrong. Don't let this be you.  


    Photo Credit: Andrey Kiselev

  • 6. Because You’re Afraid of What Your Girlfriends/Family Might Say 7 of 11
    woman_secret_gossip_ Stepanov

    You can't be afraid of what your girlfriends will say when it comes to the man in your life. Whether they approve or not, you need a man that will make you happy, not your friends.  


    Photo Credit: Stepanov

  • 7. He Doesn’t Meet Everything on Your List 8 of 11

    You've spent years handcrafting this special list and he doesn't meet everything on it. While it's great to have requirements and goals for your someone special, it's also good to be flexible and to focus on what's really important on your list when it comes to love.


    Photo Credit: AndersonRise

  • 8. Because You Won’t Cut the Cord with Your Ex 9 of 11
    scissors_cut_Aleksandr Lobanov

    For one reason or another you keep hanging on. You don't want to just cut the cord because you think you can both remain friends. What you don't realize is that this action is running off good men that want you, but not with the nonsense that comes from having your ex in the picture.


    Photo Credit: Aleksandr Lobanov

  • 9. You Haven’t Learned Yourself Yet 10 of 11
    woman_confident_ iofoto

    You're still learning about yourself, what you really want, and what you really need. One of the keys to finding a good man is becoming the best woman you can be.  


    Photo Credit: iofoto

  • 10. You Haven’t Seen Successful Relationships Around You 11 of 11
    TNMCoupleSeniorSmile_Monkey Business Images

    We've met women from all over the country who have reservations about marriage because they don't see happy marriages around them. If you don't have successful relationships in your circle, find a new circle. Use the Internet to connect with other singles who are positive and who have a positive outlook on relationships. You deserve to be in a dynamic relationship, if that's what you desire. And believing that you can be in one is the first step.  


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