10 Things My Husband Is Teaching Our Son About Marriage

My son is only fifteen months old, but as his mother, I have to admit that I am already preparing my heart for the day that he will run to another woman’s arms. 

I’m sure the fellow mothers of sons will understand–there is a special relationship that we have with our little men; that fierce desire to scoop them up, keep them close, and guard the little boys that make our hearts melt with their unabashed loyalty and sweetness.

People tried to warn me how my relationship with my son would be different than the one I have with my daughters, and in many ways, they were right; there is something different about the mother and son bond.

And part of that difference is wanting our sons to grow up understanding how to properly respect and treat a woman. Which is why today, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are things that I am grateful my son is learning from my husband about marriage, simply from his example in our own.

  • 10 things my husband is teaching our son about marriage. 1 of 11

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  • That it’s ok to be sensitive. 2 of 11

    I've seen my husband cry; not many times, mind you, but there have been a few times that my husband has not been afraid to express real and raw emotion with me, and that has meant so much to our relationship. I know he trusts me with that and I do think it's important for our son to learn that real men can cry. 

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  • That it’s perfectly ok to be in touch with your feminine side. 3 of 11

    And on that note, my husband is able to laugh along with me when our son gets in touch with his feminine side. (The boy has two older sisters, so he really doesn't have a lot of choice in the matter.) Just the other day, my hubby dressed our son up in his manly camouflage overalls and work boots, and we both shared a laugh when he toddled over to us later in the day, still sporting the overalls and boots...with the addition of a pink Barbie backpack and sparkly lip gloss. Ain't no shame in his game, and some day when his pregnant wife asks him to paint her toenails because she can't reach them? I'm confident he'll be up to the task. 

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  • That girls can be leaders, too. 4 of 11

    Now, don't get me wrong, we both love to give our little boy plenty of opportunity for the things that he loves to do (he's obsessed with machines already), but in our house, there's no reason why we would interfere with the girls leading the show at playtime. Our son is learning the importance of women in the role of leaders — and I'm proud to know he will make an excellent — and equal — partner someday.

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  • That you will always love your mama. 5 of 11

    I know that one of the reasons my husband is such a good man is because he has such a great relationship with his own mother — and my husband is instilling that in our son. (Not that my little guy needs any convincing, of course — he'll love me forever! Right??) 

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  • But that your wife needs to come first. 6 of 11
    wife first

    This one really should go without saying, but there wouldn't be shows like Everybody Loves Raymond if this wasn't an issue, right? As much as it pains me to admit it and as grateful as I am for my own mother-in-law, a good husband always puts his wife first. 

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  • That man time is important. 7 of 11

    My husband always makes time for the work and hobbies that keep him fulfilled, and I am grateful for that because a happier husband = a happier home. Women can have it all, but we do need to share. 

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  • That a husband can’t make his wife happy. 8 of 11

    Well, he can make his wife happy, of course, but my point is that a husband can't do it all or be it all for his wife. If our son went into marriage with the deluded idea that he was going to be the sole source of his wife's happiness for the rest of all time, we would be in trouble. Luckily, my husband helped me to see that I needed to find my own happiness in our marriage, and I know my son will learn from that example. 

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  • That a woman always needs to hear that she’s beautiful. 9 of 11

    Every wife, especially after having kids, wants to hear that she is beautiful. Because she is, no matter how much she may struggle with believing it. 

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  • That a marriage is a give and take. 10 of 11

    Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I will — all of our children have witnessed my husband and I participating in, shall we say, spirited discussions. (We don't argue, ok?) It happens, it's part of life, and a part of marriage. But the most important part is that all of them — my son included — have heard my husband (and me, of course) say, "I'm sorry." And those two words? Will make all the difference in the world. 

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  • That a hands-on dad = a happy marriage. 11 of 11

    If he has children with his wife someday, I know that my son will make an excellent father, because he's learned from the best. And the fact that the sight of a man lovin' on his baby makes any woman swoon just happens to be a bonus. But seriously, I fully believe that the fact that my husband is an active, involved, and very much hands-on dad won't go unnoticed in our son's eyes. He will grow up knowing how to respect a woman as his wife — and the mother of his future children. 

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