16 Sweet and Sexy Summer Date Ideas


This month marks the arrival of summer. While the allure of summer might not be what it was back when we were school-aged and anxiously awaiting the bell to ring on the last day of school, summer can still be a season filled with fun and excitement.

During the summer months the days are hot but they also last even longer, giving you plenty of time to squeeze in fun activities for two before sunset even during the work week (if you can arrange child care). Summer nights are often some of the most beautiful nights of the year and are perfect for evening strolls and embarking on new adventures.

Although it is likely you will spend most of the summer engaging in family activities and keeping your little ones busy and entertained, be sure to make an effort to have some fun with your own “summer love.”

Garner some inspiration from the weather and heat up that love life by going on a hot date! Need an idea? From sexy to sweet I’ve rounded up 15 summer date ideas:

  • 16 Sweet and Sexy Summer Date Ideas 1 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Click through for 16 sweet and sexy summer date ideas!

  • Share Snow Cones 2 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Enjoy a cool treat together.

  • Take Surf Lessons 3 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Sign up for surf lessons or learn how to scuba dive.

  • Get Pedicures Together 4 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Get pampered as a pair! Go get pedicures and foot massages. Don't forget to bring your flip flops.

  • Go Cruising Along the Coast 5 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Rent a Surrey (4 wheeled bike) and spend the day pedaling around the beach side by side.

  • Visit the Aquarium 6 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Visit your local aquarium and watch the animals splash and swim.

  • Go to a Water-park 7 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Lather on the sunscreen and head for the water park. Go on all the rides you would normally miss out on with the little ones in tow. If there isn't a water park in your area head to the pool.

  • Go See a Theatrical Performance 8 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Escape the summer heat by watching a performance indoors.

  • Watch a Movie Under the Stars 9 of 16
    A bowl of popcorn.  A healthy snack.

    Pop some popcorn and set up a movie theater in your backyard using ideas from this party. Or see if your city hosts summer movies in the park.

  • Attend a Summer Concert 10 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Summer concerts and music festivals are a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Learn an Exotic Dance 11 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Learn a sexy and exotic dance! Take salsa lessons and test your skills while out salsa dancing or learn the hula in preparation for a romantic Hawaiian vacay!

  • Make a Bonfire 12 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Make a bonfire and savor s'mores while you cuddle and watch the sunset.

  • Spend a Day by the Lake 13 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Go jet skiing or paddle boating on the lake. Or simply spend the day relaxing by it.

  • Dine Under the Stars 14 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Go out for dinner and ask to be seated outside. Enjoy dining under the stars.

  • Meet Up for Happy Hour 15 of 16

    Head over to a local restaurant for Happy Hour! Sip on a frozen daiquiri and share some appetizers before heading home.

  • Make Ice Cream 16 of 16
    Sexy Summer Date Ideas

    Sign up for an ice cream making class or make your own at home. Spice things up a bit by using some ingredients that are known aphrodisiacs.


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