300 Sandwiches Guy Looking for Proposal Ideas on Twitter ... Try These!


300 SandwichesJust when the Internet had forgotten about the 300 Sandwiches couple, the 300 Sandwiches dude is back … this time looking for proposal ideas on Twitter. Because people who are as deeply in love as he clearly is can’t think straight and come up with their own heartfelt proposal, and instead fixate on trying to “out-Kanye Kanye.” Here are some of my favorite responses to his request by people other than me:





Here are some of the suggestions I sent Mr. 300 Sandwiches:



He retweeted that one. Interesting choice. Finally:



Since Mr. 300 Sandwiches is not stupid and knows all press is good press, he played along and replied:

I responded:



If I get invited to the wedding, I’ll go. After all, someone needs to be there to object.

Photo credit: Flickr user oatsy40