6 Things I Have in Common with Desiree (The New Bachelorette)

There was a time when I was single and kind of desperate. How desperate? I was actually considering applying for “The Bachelor” in hopes that I would make out with a man who’s frenched a dozen women in a weeks time.

What can I say. I was enamored with love and the idea of living in a fancy mansion with a bunch of women, red roses and free champagne. Not to mention my chance at reality television stardom. Why, my claim to fame can also be of a heartbroken woman, crying on the shoulder of the man who rejected her while exclaiming, “Please don’t let me go!”

That’s what the new bachelorette, Desiree Hartstock, did anyway. If it were up to me I would also have a second shot at reality TV love. Come to think of it Desiree and I are like peas in a pod.  While watching the first three episodes of “The Bachelorette” I found many similarities in our stories and more.

Here are six things that I have in common with Desiree Hartstock.

  • We Have Fancy Names 1 of 6
    6 Things I Have in Common with Desiree (The New Bachelorette)

    My first name is Sujeiry. That's pretty fancy and rolls of the tip off the tongue. Desiree's first name may sound like a stripper's but Hartstock is pretty freaking cool. Her last name is a compound word: "hart" and "stock." Not many of us can say that. And "hart" sounds like heart! It doesn't get any fancier than that.

  • Our Need for Reciprocal Love 2 of 6
    Reciprocal Love

    "I knew I was always deserving of it (love) but I never felt myself loved." This is one of the many things that Desiree says on episode one. And it struck a chord. I too have felt that need. I know I deserve love. I know I am good, kind and a great partner when I am in a relationship. I will be a great mother one day and an even more amazing wife. And I give love willingly, openly, and passionately. But I have never felt myself loved. Well put, Desiree.

  • Doe Eyes 3 of 6
    bachelorette doe eyes

    In other words, Desiree has an innocent and almost childlike manner. I have often been told I am young hearted and that I have a young spirit, so I connected with her energy as well. Plus I have beautiful brown eyes. Maybe even prettier than any bachelorette alive. Where are my bachelors?!

  • Givers at Heart 4 of 6

    "All I want to do is make someone happy and I hope someone can see that." They can see it just like I can, Desiree. That's probably because I am the same. I am loving and enthusiastic and warm. All this love that I have to give will make my future husband super happy.  

  • Evil Seanâ��s 5 of 6
    evil men

    Sean dumped Desiree for a bachelorette that will remain nameless. I was also left for another woman who will remain nameless by a man named Sean! Damn you, Sean's. Go step on a Lego!

  • A TV Show and A Book 6 of 6
    love trips book bachelorette desiree

    "I'm so grateful for everything I've had to go through to get to this point and I'm so hopeful for the future." - Desiree Hartstock. I am also grateful. Without my many relationship mistakes and stumbles, I wouldn't have authored Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles. Here's hoping my experiences lead me to a television near you, just like Desiree but minus the red roses.

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