7 Easy Dress and Grooming Tips for Dating Success

Rhonda Cort at YourTango has compiled a list of tips to dress for success in love. Cort thinks that people should treat finding (and keeping) a mate like finding (and keeping) a job – you’ve got to look the part. She says, “When you don’t look great, you don’t feel great. So how can you expect to attract someone?”

I’m not the type of person who thinks physical beauty is more important than a person’s other attributes, but I agree that doing the few simple things below go a long way to making a person feel attractive. Some of these are Cort’s ideas and some are mine, but they’re all sound and easy to accomplish. I mean, if I can do it, you can do it:

  • Build an Everyday Wardrobe You Like 1 of 7

    When I got divorced a few years ago, I realized my closet and drawers were full of clothes I didn't like. After I had my daughter, I stopped putting effort into finding clothes I really liked and just went with whatever seemed to fit. I wasn't happy with my figure, I wasn't happy in my relationship, and I really needed to dedicate some time to myself. I started slowly building a wardrobe of everyday clothes that I looked and felt good in and that I felt truly reflected my personality. As soon as I felt better about looking better, of course I naturally lost a little bit of weight, too. I think the secret to looking good in clothes is wearing stuff you feel physically comfortable in, so that you can walk and talk and be yourself without thinking about what you're wearing. When you've got an everyday wardrobe you like, no matter what you put on each day, you're ready to meet the love of your life.

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  • Get a Great Haircut That You Can Wash and Wear 2 of 7

    Women, we all know about the power of the "breakup cut." That's the haircut you get right after you end a relationship so you can feel re-energized and ready for a new beginning. But what happens after you've been single for a while? Don't forget to keep experimenting with your hair until you find a style you love. If you can find one that looks great just wash-n-wear, even better! We're going for easy, effortless, good looks that you can maintain on a daily basis.

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  • Wear Lingerie 3 of 7

    Cort says, "Our French sisters have a love affair with matching lingerie sets. And with good reason: this truly is a foundation that boosts your confidence and sex appeal, even if no one can see it. It's all about the energy!" I'm not a huge fan of lace near the unmentionables, because I'd rather be comfy than itchy, but I will admit that I do feel better when I'm wearing a cute matching bra and panties - even if they've got no frills and are made of cotton.

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  • Keep Your Loungewear Cute 4 of 7

    This one may be a bit much, but Cort says, "How you dress at home is a reflection of your sense of pride and self-worth — whether you live alone or not." I get that. It's sort of like making your bed. You don't have to do it, but you feel so much better when you do. Wearing leggings or yoga pants and a nice tee or sweatshirt will make you feel more attractive than throwing on a pair of raggety sweats.

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  • Keep Your Nails Done 5 of 7

    I love wearing a brightly colored manicure, but I tend to get one, and then after a week just let my nails go until eventually the paint's all chipped and my nails are cracked and broken. If you can't afford to get a manicure every week (who can?), just keep your nails short, and when your paint starts to wear (after about a week), take it off with nail polish remover and wear clean, unpolished nails. It's better for your nails to go natural between polishings, anyway, to avoid discoloration.

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  • Find a Signature Scent 6 of 7

    In the past, this would have sounded ridiculous to me, but then I started using a body scrub, lotion and perfume in a scent I adore, and I totally understand now why wearing a great scent everyday is worth it. I get tons of compliments when I wear that scent, and being told you smell great is always flattering. Plus, it means people want to be close to you!

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  • Shave 7 of 7

    I hate to say it because I hate to do it, but shaving really does make me feel better looking. I'm not huge into adhering to cultural beauty standards, but shaving is more a part of good grooming than it is a "beauty regimen." I've got lots of opinions about body hair, so for more on follicle debacles, click here.

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