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7 Questions I'm Embarrassed a Man Will Ask

When we couple up we expose our deepest secrets and single-person behavior. That one thing that you’d only do if alone. I have a few things. Some I am aware of when I do them, like picking a wedgy and dancing to Rihanna in my underwear. Others not so much, like picking my nose and ripping off the nail polish from my fingernails.

So you can imagine my horror when a man starts sleeping over and staying for days. We’re in a real relationship now. So we show our cards, share our fears, and our skin, literally and metaphorically. Men want to get to know me. They ask questions and some aren’t easy to answer.

Here are seven questions I’m embarrassed a man will ask.

  • Do Not Ask Me! 1 of 8
    7 Questions I'm Embarrassed a Man Will Ask

    So many questions, so little time! Here are those pesky questions I rather men not ask. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/oberazzi.

  • What Is That Smell? 2 of 8

    We all fart. But I try so hard to pretend that I don't! I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment and farted in bed once. It was a silent fart, so I didn't think he'd notice. But the smell! The rank smell trapped in between the sheets was proof enough. I farted and he knew but still had to ask, "What's that smell? Did you just fart?" Yes, boo, I did. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/gotosira.

  • How Many Men Have You Slept With? 3 of 8

    There was a time where I'd openly share my magic number. That was before I was a 35-year-old woman who is still single. The older I get the higher my number gets. It's part of dating. So, when a man asks what's my number, I cringe. It's not that bad. Or maybe it is! Who is he or anyone to judge? Still, it's not the most comfortable conversation, especially when he says he's only slept with five women. Enter embarrassed emoticon face! Photo Credit: Flickr.com/flowercat.

  • Why Are You Still Single? 4 of 8
    Sexy Dancing

    Men have asked me why am I still single. Correction. They say, "You're so beautiful and amazing. So, why are you still single?" Well maybe it's because I haven't met a beautiful and amazing man to match my beauty and amazement! At least that's what I want to say. Usually I blush and eloquently state that I just haven't found the right man. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons.

  • What Is That Thing on Your Back? 5 of 8
    Beauty Mark

    So I have this thing on my back. It's a blackhead that doesn't go away. Only a few people have spotted it but whenever a man asks what it is I want to run away. Because I can't explain it. It just showed up and set roots. It's like my own Loch Ness Monster. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/allisonstancil.

  • Why Are You Always On Social Media? 6 of 8
    Sujeiry on Phone

    I admit it. I'm addicted to tweeting, posting Facebook updates, and taking selfies. So I recently decided to take some downtime on weekends and stay off of Facebook and Instagram. It's going to be hard. The men that I have dated know. They've asked why I take so many selfies, why I tweet so much. Am I just obsessed with myself? Am I still a teenager deep down? Do I just like to make a duck face? Do I need everyone to know my thoughts? Maybe. And I am little bit embarrassed by it. Photo Credit: Sujeiry Gonzalez. 

  • What Do You Write About? 7 of 8

    This may not seem like a big deal to anyone who writes about anything other than relationships. But it is! Once a man asks what I do for a living and I tell them that I am a relationship writer and expert, they look at me with fear and curiosity. Are you going to write about me? That's usually the next question. Only if they're lucky. Still, having my love life on display can be dating suicide. I rather not talk about my career at all. Photo Credit: Flickr.com/anotherphotograph.

  • What Is Your Life Plan? 8 of 8
    Looking Ahead

    This question scares me and embarrasses me because I have no clue what my life plan is. I know what I want to do with my life but I don't necessarily have a plan. When you're in entertainment industry, or any creative field for that matter, it's more of a month-to-month kind of life. That is until you blow up. Not something a man who is looking for a stable, future wife wants to hear. So don't ask me, dude! Photo Credit: Flickr.com/fdmount.

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