8 Ways to be Supportive to Your Engaged Friend

When I got engaged, I was the first of my siblings and my friends to do so. Yes, I was young (to today’s standards), but given we’re still together and happy 9 years after marriage, it was the perfect thing for us.

I remember the day I got engaged very well. We took a weekend getaway to a romantic tourist spot not to far from the town we lived. It had kind of been “our spot” for a long time and so it was the perfect setting. We were in front of Niagara Falls (Canadian side) and in the beautiful garden area, my husband asked a nearby person if he could take a photo of the two of us. Then, he surprised me by getting down on one knee and presented a gorgeous ring — perfect for me, and asked if I would say yes to sharing our lives together. It was perfect and magical and still makes me smile!

The next thing we did was call friends and family to tell them the news. I don’t think many were surprised since we’d been together for 5 years prior, but their support and love meant a lot to us.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have amazing support and if you’ve just been told that your friend (or family member) is engaged, there are some ways to support them to show your love — and I’ve listed 8 helpful ways that I really appreciated personally.

  • 8 Ways to be Supportive to Your Engaged Friend 1 of 9

    Supportive friends go a long way!

  • Offer Best Wishes & Congratulate 2 of 9

    It may seem like an obvious one, but if you're caught off guard by the news, you may forget. You could also forget if you totally saw it coming, but offering best wishes is the first thing you should do -- when you're done screaming and jumping!

  • Listen to the Engagement Story 3 of 9

    I just told you mine and it's a memory that will stay with me forever, and for your friend too. Even if it's not the most romantic or totally show-boat, take the time to listen to the story your friend tells you. It's a special, special time!

  • Make a Fuss Over the Ring 4 of 9

    All engagement rings are beautiful (or if your friend has chosen to commemorate their engagement in another way) -- so be sure you take the time to stare at it, comment on how it's beautiful, and avoid saying anything mean about it.

  • Offer to Help 5 of 9

    But, don't insist or assume you will be helping. Let them know that they can go to you if they need anything so the door is open, but don't hold it open (you know, figuratively) until they walk in.

  • Tell Them You are Happy 6 of 9

    It's not quite the same as congratulating, but still quite important. Tell them things like you're so happy or they're going to have a wonderful life or that they deserve all the happiness. This way, you show you're supportive of not only the engagement, but who they're engaged to.

  • Keep the News to Yourself 7 of 9

    It's exciting news and understandable that you want to shout it from the rooftops that your friend is engaged, but don't. It's their news to share and there are few times in life where we get to personally share something so exciting, so let them do so in their own time.

  • Don’t Overwhelm 8 of 9

    Don't start jumping on them about questions on the wedding, when it will be, if you can be in the party, etc. There should be time to focus on all the happy stuff (you know, like getting engaged) and you don't want to overwhelm your friend with all the other stuff before they've even had time to look at it all.

  • Get to Know Their Partner 9 of 9

    If you're really good friends with your partner, but don't know their fiance too well, take time to get to know them. Chances are it's important for your friend to love who they're with and it shows you're supportive of the couple.

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