Are You Married to Your Polar Opposite?


You know the old adage, opposites attract.  But does that work in a lifelong commitment like marriage?  There are enough challenges in marriage, mixing in some opposite behaviors, habits, and interests sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Maybe not.

An article on discusses some studies on dating and finding a mate based on common interests.  The article goes on to argue there is much more than common interests when it comes to successful relationships.  I agree, there is more to it.  I also believe being opposites in marriage may be one of a marriages’ greatest assets.  It may be the thing that keeps your marriage going, and keeps it hot.

My wife and I are complete opposites in many areas.  I admit, it has caused some rifts, but overall it is great for our marriage.  And it definitely keeps our relationship from being boring!

Here are 10 differences which can make your marriage very interesting.

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    Are you married to your polar opposite?

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  • The Planner + The Spontaneous 2 of 11
    The Planner + The Spontaneous

    This is my marriage in a nutshell.  I rarely do thing without a plan, and she rarely does a thing with a plan.  This has led to some interesting situations.  But is has kept us from being boring, as well as kept us from being reckless.

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  • The Early Bird + The Night Owl 3 of 11
    Polar Opposites: The Early Bird + The Night Owl

    Again, this is similar to our marriage relationship.  In terms of productivity this can be good as one of your will be sleeping when the other is awake.  But as far as spending quality time, you may miss out on a good portion of it.

    photo credit: paul david (busy running!) via photopin cc

  • The Heavyweight + The Lightweight 4 of 11
    Polar Opposites: The Heavyweight + The Lightweight

    Hmm...could get uncomfortable at times.

    photo credit: Let Ideas Compete via photopin cc

  • The Giant + The Vertically Challenged 5 of 11
    The Giant + The Vertically Challenged

    I immediately think of Shaquille O'neal and his ex-wife.  She isn't necessarily short, but compared to Shaq, everyone is short.  I don't think this is the reason for their divorce, but you never know... ;)

    photo credit: ralphrepo via photopin cc

  • The Emotional + The Emotionless 6 of 11
    The Emotional + The Emotionless

    Us again, it doesn't take much for the water works to start for my wife.  On the other hand, it takes a lot.  Sometimes those roles are switched though.  When it comes to dealing with pain.  Yes, I'm the baby, and she is the soldier.

    photo credit: drurydrama (Len Radin) via photopin cc

  • The Harder worker + The Sloth 7 of 11
    The Harder worker + The Sloth

    I can easily see this leading to some discord.  But it may produce better results than two sloths being together.

    photo credit: Ricardo Alguacil via photopin cc

  • The Right Brain + The Left Brain 8 of 11
    The Right Brain + The Left Brain

    Much like The Planner + The Spontaneous these two can be beneficial in marriage.  But if not careful and treated with understanding there could be some challenges.

  • The Social Butterfly + The Wallflower 9 of 11
    The Social Butterfly + The Wallflower

    This is the couple you like to watch at the party.  While the social butterfly may have to be dragged out of a social gathering by force.  The wallflower never wanted to be there in the first place. Their interaction, mainly their bod language, can be amusing to watch from a far.

    Photo Credit: Children's Cancer Research Fund via Compfight cc

  • The Busy Body + The Home Body 10 of 11
    The Busy Body + The Home Body

    Coming up with mutually fun activities may be a challenge in this relationship.  But it can be done.  Perhaps a lot of guests and social gatherings in the home?

    photo credit: presta via photopin cc

  • The Loud Mouth + The Soft Spoken 11 of 11
    The Loud Mouth + The Soft Spoken

    The cousin of the social butterfly + wallflower relationship.  This relationship can have some comedy as well for those watching from afar.  But within the relationship it could lead to one person completely dominating each and every conversation.

    photo credit: Kat Cole via photopin cc

Fellas: What do you say to encourage your wife?

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