At the Corner of Love and Lust: A List for Humans

Please don’t come sniffing around here looking for miracles or whatever, okay?

Because when it comes to whatever the hell is going on down inside your heart versus whatever is unleashing itself up inside your ‘special places’, I have no idea what level of true insanity you have managed to achieve.

But still.

I have known some love in my time. I even know some now. And as far as lust goes, well, let’s just say that if, at some point between like 1997 and 2004, you happened to be having a drink in a pub or a bar or a cafe or a hotel lounge or a tiki hut somewhere between a club called Space Land in Silver Lake/LA and that place with nothing but the Stones on the jukebox in Zagreb, Croatia, chances are very,very high that I have stared at you with sharp and wolfish eyes as I sipped my wine a near cultivated an almost tangible desire for you that could either physically slam Darth Vader up against an alley wall or simply weird him out to death.

Maybe you noticed me. Maybe you didn’t. If you didn’t that’s your loss. And if you did: I remember you, I swear.

Erica? Right?





Either way, my point is that I am as qualified as anyone who has ever compared and contrasted pure horny  lust and righteous truth  love, because, quite frankly, I have kissed the lips of each and lived on to tell the tales.

So join me, if you will, as I stumble out of my favorite local pub, The Wise Man and Three Thousand Ladies, and head down Confucius Lane into this strange, Sherlock Holmesy night, attempting to find a wall away from the cops, where I can spray paint a tiny bit of sense across your heart before it’s too damn late.


 The Difference Between Love and Lust: A List

> When you love someone, you would probably die for them. Or at least donate an organ. When you lust after someone? No.

> Passion comes in like a thousand flavors. Be careful what you sample.

> Love stories get told for generations to come, keeping you alive long after you die. Lust stories last a week, tops.

> Lust can happen swiftly, at a stoplight, with a glance. It feeds a primal part of us and it is very good, indeed.

> Love usually happens over time, building up and then ebbing and flowing with the years. Next to lust, it almost seems likes a drag.

> Love = tears of joy and sadness and 800 miles of heartache and self-worth that drops about three miles deep.

> Lust = early morning cab rides down new strange streets, secret little smiles to yourself, and self-worth about a mile deep.

> Two people is all it takes for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

> Controlling your boundless lust doesn’t make you a priest or anything. It just makes you a good catch.

> Most of us learn total lust by 12 or 13, staring at a certain someone across the classroom or the food court at the mall.

> A lot of us learn total  love as we draw our final breaths, alone with our thoughts,  in the very moments before we die.

> Falling in love with someone you originally lusted after  is a special kind of kickass.

> If your lust is the kind of ride that you have trouble steering, then you have never been in love.

> In the middle of a marriage, lust is a false flag. Google it.

> Don’t confuse sex with success. If you do, you’re doomed.

> Warning: once you fall in love with one person your mind will never stop asking you, “What might have been?” and “What could be?”

> Warning: you know better.

> Kiss a thousand lips before you kiss the important ones, will ya?

> If you ever cross paths with an ex-lover, just smile and count to ten and then run. Or don’t. Only you’ll know what to do.

> Just because you think you want something doesn’t always mean that you really do.

> Falling into bed with forbidden fruit solves everything for at least an hour.

> When you regret your love, lust will find you. Then, before long, you’ll probably regret your love and your lust.

> Having a one night stand with someone you dig is one of the coolest feelings in the world. Until there comes a day when it is not.

> Facebook rarely breeds love but she breeds a hell of a lot of lust. And that is what it is.

> Between the ages of 13 and 92, that’s when all the trouble starts.

> The magic thrill of full-on lust can actually lead you to a damn good life. Or it can just flat-out destroy your life.

> If you are secretly in love, you’re probably hurting someone else, or yourself. Secretly in lust? You’re just plain normal.

> Lust is a life-affirming nightclub you cannot wait to dance in.

> Love is a 4am diner where you smile tiredly and suck down a milkshake and fries after the club.

> Lusty nights under the lights can make us young again.

> Actually, no they can’t.

> Lust is a phone call at a strange hour, from an intriguing voice.

> Love is sharing fried food with someone who is a little heavier than when you met them.

> Love is nice weather, maybe a shower, sometimes a storm. Lust is thunder and lightning waking you up.

>You can lust after a person. And you can love after a person, too, but it’s never quite the same.

> The idea of wanting someone who is wanting you back, that is lust.

> The idea of someone burying you and wishing you were back, that is love.

> Animal desire is as old as the hills and it will be around long after they crumble to dust.

> Every heart in every chest has a kill switch. And every lover we will ever know has a very twitchy finger.

> Trust and lust: never the twain shall meet.

> You can be superb at lust and suck at love. That’s super common. But love like a champ and suck at lust?  That is doubtful, my friend.

> There are many ways to say the same thing when it comes to love.

> There are many ways to say the same thing when it comes to lust.

> There aren’t many ways to say the same things about love and lust.

> Many years of real love can lead to lusting for something different, someone new. That’s part of any long love story.

> Love isn’t easy. But some loves are easier than others. And you know exactly what I am saying.

>We will all lust after someone a trillion times in our lifetime.

> And we will all be lucky to know true love even once.



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