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Be Naked When I Get Home: 25 Brilliant Signs About Love

Love is such a funny, fickle emotion, isn’t it?

It grabs us by our collars early in life and rarely seems to let go until we take our final breath somewhere down the line. And who’s to say that even THAT is the end of our hopeless romanticism, you know? No matter who we are in this world we are more than likely one of the many who either find ourselves in the midst of a love affair or wishing that we were.

It is relentless, this human desire to want and to be wanted, and it’s of little surprise, I think, to find that love, in all of its many incarnations, is quite the universal rallying point when it comes to our human journey. Like the best music, like the greatest songs, love brings people together just by our shared common experience.

That is why whenever I see some sort of funny window poster or some street art or doctored street sign or even just a ramshackle graffiti tag about something having to do with love or matters of the heart I feel as if I am some sort of distant cousin to the person who created the thing or the one who stuck it up there. Somehow, I tell myself, that person tapped into a feeling, an aura, that I have often tapped into myself.

For that reason, I decided to collect some photographs of these poignant/hilarious/brilliant/heartbreaking signs of love and share them with folks here in cyberspace. Each one is a form of expression in it’s own right, I believe; each one tells it’s own tale, from the head-over-heel days of  popping the big question to the melancholy endings brought on by cheaters; from the lusty to the laughable, it’s all here.

There have been some really powerful collisions of emotion and tape or spray paint or fridge magnets or magic marker out there in the world recently, and I think it would be a shame for you to miss them.


  • 1 of 26
  • Hopeless Romantics 2 of 26

    Yes, we will all have our hearts broken somewhere along the way, but still. It is optimism and knowing that there is someone out there for us that keeps our world spinning.

    Image: memyselfandela.wordpress.com

  • Signs of Desperation 3 of 26

    Sometimes signs are used to help try and kick start a love affair. Or even just a one-night stand. Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it, right?!

    Image: elfregadero.nl

  • Word to the Wise 4 of 26

    There are signs, of course, which are meant to offer wisdom and makes us smile at the same time. I'd say this one 'nails it' (pun intended!).

    Image: guyism.com

  • Those Three Little Words 5 of 26

    'I Love You'. Those three little words, in any of their incarnations, are often enough to lift our spirits unexpectedly. Think about it: even if they were scrawled on an alley wall or painted up on a giant roof anonymously, they still serve to remind us that someone out there somewhere feels that way about us. Or that they will... one of these days.

    Image: londonstreetartdesign.blogspot.com

  • The Silly 6 of 26

    Some of the greatest moments of any love affair are the silliest ones. We staple our hearts together with humor. We create little signs to show the other person that we like them and that we want to crack them up.

    Image: forum.thefreedictionary.com

  • The Serious 7 of 26

    Other times, we may use some kind of sign to show the world that our true love is hurting. And to ask for help.

    Image: mynewshub.my/?p=126163

  • Hard To Miss 8 of 26

    It might be easy to laugh off certain signs that seek to find love in non-traditional methods, but that's a little unfair. If you've ever been lonely you know exactly what I mean.

    Image: probablynotagoodsign.com

  • In-Laws 9 of 26

    You know what they say, right?

    "All is fair in love and war."

    Image: religiousforums.com

  • Street Art 10 of 26

    Walk around any decent-sized city anywhere in the world and sooner or later you will stumble upon some sort of street art which suddenly make us think a little about love. These aren't really 'signs', per se, of course, they are art. But they are an important part of our story nonetheless because, just like the signs of love,  they make the world a much better place.

    Image: christineestima.wordpress.com

  • Wisdom, Part II 11 of 26

    Some people knock graffiti as a useless, reckless form of damage. Others see it as breath of fresh air in an often stifling world. One thing is for sure though: those spray paint maestros can be pretty clever when it comes to love.

    Image: yyesnomaybeso.xanga.com

  • Sad Signs 12 of 26

    There are quite a few signs out there in the world which are sad to see, mostly because they evoke broken hearts, and even  broken families. And that sucks.

    Image: boston.com

  • For All the World To See 13 of 26

    Using signs to tell our neighbors how we feel about certain things has been around as long as people have been suffering at the hands of love gone wrong. It's always a wake-up call though, that's for sure.

    Image: mglradio.com

  • Yikes! 14 of 26

    Love is never easy. And neither is pulling in to the driveway after a long day at the office to this sign, huh?

    Image: signazon.com

  • Simple But Effective 15 of 26

    Some of the most effective signs are the ones that will wash away at the first sign of rain. But they do their job remarkably well until then.

    Image: signsfunny.com

  • If You Didn’t Laugh, You’d Cry 16 of 26

    When a love affair crash lands, sometimes maybe it's best to try and put a humorous spin on it and move on.

    Image: bontheball.com

  • What the…? 17 of 26

    Some signs seem to tell a whole complex story in just one act. Or in this case, five acts.

    Image: marshallheppner.com

  • So Wrong, It’s Right!!! 18 of 26

    Unfortunately, now and then a devoted sign-maker trying to express their pure love might make a little mistake. In this case, I'm pretty sure even old Santa himself would have a devilish chuckle.

    Image: lupin3.it

  • Bargains 19 of 26

    Some people figure out ways to make a little money off of their broken hearts; good for them, I say. (And thanks for the laughs!)

    Image: aryakiddrock.wordpress.com

  • Very Clever 20 of 26

    Love, or wanting love, can inspire all sorts of clever signs.

    Image: thesubtimes.com

  • Little Messages 21 of 26

    Certain signs are designed to make us look twice, and deeper, at something we see every single day.

    Image: interbent.com

  • Little Messages, Part II 22 of 26

    Yes, this may be an act of defacing public property, but you have to admit: it's pretty damn cool.

    Image: interbent.com

  • Truth! 23 of 26

    It may be said that some signs only serve to make us laugh at their own absurdity. Which, come to think of it, is exactly how we need to look at all things love-related sometimes!

    Image: 9laughs.com



  • Husbands 24 of 26

    Signs like this one don't apply to everyone, obviously. But for loving wives, this is probably the funniest thing they will see all day. And for certain husbands, it just make them the luckiest dude in town.

    Image: widk.com

  • Morning Rush Romance 25 of 26

    If you have the money and the guts, there are ways to use signs to change your life forever.

    Image: sugarplumcandyfloss.blogspot.com

  • Believe. 26 of 26

    Hey you. Don't believe everything you read, okay? But, believe at least some of it. Because some of it just so happens to be true.

    Image: love.catchsmile.com

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