Bride-to-be Planned Her Own Surprise Proposal


Bride-to-be Planned Her Own Surprise ProposalPlanning a surprise for someone you love is one thing but imagine you were planning a surprise for yourself — and not just any surprise — a proposal! A video on YouTube is showing just that. And in fact, it is quite sweet. Tyson wanted to propose to his girlfriend Hayley and as a result enlisted his mother to give Hayley the idea to plan a surprise birthday party for him. Meanwhile, wanting to sing Hayley a song, Tyson borrowed a guitar from his friend and taught himself to play it using a YouTube tutorial.

The video gets really good when Tyson starts to play. It is evident that he hadn’t quite mastered the guitar but he played as best he could and sang the words to a song he deemed perfect for that moment. And clearly it was done from the heart. Take a look.

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Would you learn a new skill in order to surprise a loved one?



Image and Video source: Tyson J Henderson via YouTube

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