Cheating Men Have Favorite Beers. Does Your Guy Drink One?


cheating manWe know men who drive certain cars are more likely to cheat, and women who cheat prefer to shop at specific stores. But did you know cheating men have favorite beers, as well? Did you also know that these lists about the preferences of cheaters are ridiculous because correlation does not imply causation? In other words, cars and beers and stores do not make the cheater cheat. The cheating cheater makes the cheater cheat. You know that, but you like reading these lists anyway because they’re fun? Cool, me too. Then let’s look at the top 5 beers guys who cheat like to drink:

1. Guinness (aka Irish cheater)

2. Corona (aka Mexican cheater)

3. Peroni (aka Italian cheater)

4. San Miguel (aka Filipino cheater)

5. Budweiser (aka American cheater)

So the next time you’re at the bar, ask for an American cheater, and if the bartender hands you a Bud, you know he’s unfaithful.

Story via Glamour

Photo credit: iStock

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