Couple Announces Break-Up With A Song, Posts Vid To YouTube (Video)

Jonathan and Ivory star in their own break-up music video.

If Serge and I ever divorced, aside from telling our kids, the hardest part would be breaking the news to family and friends.

Most of the time it seems that the friends have to choose which person they’re going with and so you inevitably end up breaking-up with friends too.

One couple figured out a pretty creative way to let everyone know about their break-up: a song and music video. Jonathan and Ivory, who had been together for five years, (longer than a lot of marriages) posted the video today and it’s already gone viral even coaching family and friends on how to act around the newly broken up couple.

And breaking up’s a mess
So please be there for us
You don’t have to choose
Though it’ll be awkward, yes
Invite us to your parties
We will work it out
Don’t feel weird
We love all of you
After 5 whole years
By each other’s side
There are just some things
No relationship can survive

They’ve framed the song around the reason they broke up which is a pretty solid reason.

Check it out in the video below:

Cute. But maybe a little too hipster/21st century for me. What do you think? Disgustingly cute or just disgusting?

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