Couples Chopping Vegetables: What Love Looks Like in Stock Photos

These stock photos of couples chopping vegetables could make you feel bad about the inadequacy of your own cooking and eating habits or the lackluster way your relationship appears compared to these fresh, crisp romances, but don’t sweat it. Every couple has a backstory, and these imaginary ones are no exception. Their vegetable-filled lives aren’t as perfect as they seem:

  • Todd Loved the Smell of an Empty Pan 1 of 15

    And Sarah was always proud to see that look on his face. "Just imagine what I'm gonna put in here later," she'd say. "Peppers and broccoli, because that's what lovers eat."

  • Jeanie Always Got a Kick Out of Cutting Tom’s Carrot 2 of 15

    "Look, Tommy, I'm cutting up your carrot!," Jeanie would chuckle. "Ha ha," Tom would sigh. He never thought the joke was funny, but after 30 years together, he loved Jeanie too much to let on. They'd been through so many salads together. Why ruin things now?

  • Meet Sarah and Joe 3 of 15

    Sarah and Joe were just another young couple who would jokingly pick up a pan and say, "We don't need you, you silly pan! We're going to chop and eat all these raw vegetables we spilled all over our counter!"

  • Sarah Wanted to Google What She and Joe Could do with Leaf Lettuce 4 of 15

    Let's just say that was a night they'll never forget.

  • From then on … 5 of 15

    All their foreplay involved yellow peppers and knives.

  • And That’s the Night Joe Cut Off the Tip of His Left Index Finger 6 of 15

    Sarah blamed herself, sure. But it wasn't her fault Joe couldn't stop staring at her beautiful eyes.

  • Meet Steve and Sheri 7 of 15

    Steve and Sheri loved the fragrance of yellow bell peppers. It would always remind them of their trip to the grocery store earlier that day to buy red and yellow bell peppers.

  • And That’s Why … 8 of 15

    Bill and Martha's wildly successful relationship advice book is called "Mushrooms and Wine!" So now you know.

  • Paulo and Jackie 9 of 15

    Every Friday night, Paulo would toss Jackie's salad. It kept them so close.

  • Brian and Vanessa 10 of 15

    "Babe, remember that time that I was choppin' the vegetables and you jumped up to sit your butt on the counter and you sat right in the vegetables?"

    "Shut up, Brian."

    "It was mad funny, though."


    (They kiss, then compliment each other on their green shirts.)

  • Tariq and Svetlana 11 of 15

    Tariq and Svetlana came together over a love of ... you guessed it! ONIONS! "We didn't understand why other people didn't love onions as much as we do," Svetlana said, while chopping an onion and crying uncontrollably. No longer able to speak, Tariq chimed in for his girlfriend of three years. "Svetlana gets that I love white onions, even though she prefers red. We just feel each other." The couple are marrying in the Spring.

  • Clarissa and Derek 12 of 15

    Clarissa and Derek loved to chop and cook vegetables as often as possible. Unfortunately, Derek passed away last year after a brief but fatal illness, and Clarissa has been unable to stir-fry vegetables since then. She never learned how to use her left hand to hold the pan. "Derek truly was my other half," she told me while binge-eating french fries.

  • Molly and Doug 13 of 15

    These two crazy kids can often be found making silly faces ... for a serious cause. Unable to race because both of them are club-footed, Molly and Doug started "Veggie Faces for the Cure," a charity that accepts donations for cancer research in exchange for signed copies of the couple's ridiculously charming Instagram photos. This photo, titled "Pepper Stache Cuke Eyes," sold for $400.

  • Jennie and Marcus 14 of 15

    Jennie and Marcus don't know how to cook, and they order in using every night, but they like to keep vegetables in their kitchen on the off chance that someone might break-in and make them a veggie omelet.

  • Brad and Katrina 15 of 15

    "We were juicing when we met, remember?" Katrina laughed her signature hearty laugh, and then laid her head down on Brad's shoulder. "Yeah," he agreed, wistfully thinking back to their first date five years ago. "You took a giant poop in my bathroom and forgot to flush it. That's the day I knew I loved you."

All photos via iStock


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