6 Gifts That Really Say "I Love You!"


Do the gifts you give really say “I love you!”, or do they say “It is that time of year and this is what I got you.” There is a lot of advice being shared about gift giving since it is the Christmas season. But what are the gifts you give saying?

Wouldn’t it be great to give gifts, especially to your spouse, that really say, “I love you!” How can you make sure your gift makes your spouse feel that way. The answer to that lies in the Christmas story. And I’m not talking about Santa Clause, I am talking about the real Christmas story surrounding the birth of Jesus.

Gift giving and love is all wrapped up in Jesus’ birth and what happened after his birth. Even those familiar with the story, might be thinking, “what is he talking about?” Check out the slides below to see what I mean. After you click through them all, you’ll know how to give gifts that really say, “I love you!” from the story of Jesus’ birth.

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    Gifts That Really Say I love you

    Click through to learn how to give gifts that really say, "I love you" from the story of Jesus' birth.

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  • Give the gift of sacrifice 2 of 7

    The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the son of God. God's only son. And God gave his only son to the world. You know, "God so loved the world that he gave his only son." Imagine that. Giving up your only child for anything. That is an amazing gift and it says "I love you" in a major way. Give a gift that you've had to sacrifice for to really say, "I love you!'

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  • Give the gift of trust 3 of 7

    For those unfamiliar with the story, Joseph, Jesus' earthly or adoptive father was pledged to be married to a virgin, Mary. Yet Mary was pregnant. Hmmm. Joseph had the choice to expose her, or trust the words she said and raise the child. He chose to trust and stay. Showing your spouse that you trust them is an amazing gift which really says, "I love you!"

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  • Give gifts that show you understand them 4 of 7

    If you aren't familiar with the Gospels then the Trinity may be a foreign concept to you. The Trinity refers to God as being expressed to us in three ways. God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit. So, in essence Jesus is God as a man.  Which means he can relate to what we experience as men and women. When you give your spouse a gift that says, "I understand you" or you understand what they are going through you are giving a gift that really says, "I love you!"

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  • Give the gift of celebration 5 of 7
    High five, we are done.

    When Jesus' mother, Mary, went to visit her relative Elizabeth to share the news of her pregnancy Elizabeth was excited and celebrated her pregnancy shouting in a loud voice. She was just as excited for Mary as Mary was for herself. Giving a gift that celebrates your spouse is a gift that really says, "I love you!"

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  • Give the gift of security 6 of 7

    After Jesus was born King Herod wanted to confirm his birth and location, so he could kill him. The Magi who visited Jesus were supposed to report back to Herod, but they didn't. Then Joseph moved his family to a more secure place when he heard of this. Both provided a security blanket and protection around Jesus. A gift that let's your spouse know they are protected and secure with you is a gift that really says, "I love you!"

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  • Give the gift of patience 7 of 7

    One of the previous slides mentioned how Joseph trusted Mary, but Joseph was also patient with Mary. The Bible's Old Testament predicted Jesus would be born of a virgin. So, Joseph had to wait on Mary to give birth to Jesus in order for this to be true. So he was trusting and patient. Giving your spouse the gift of patience is a gift that really says, "I love you!"

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