How to Watch Football During the Holidays [Video]


First — Happy Thanksgiving! Or, if you’re reading this later than Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays! You know what a lot of folks like to do around this time? Watch football! Only that provides a challenge for me. You know. With all these kids and whatnot.

So I thought it’d be fun if the next According to the Osbornes, um, tackled this issue. (Get it? Tackled? You know, because…oh never mind.) So Caroline and I made this video which, it should be noted, is totally fictitious.

But, in it, I come up with creative ways to send the kids to their room, thus buying the peace and quiet I need to enjoy a little pigskin. Only the ever lovely, ever clever and ever feisty Caroline turns the tables on me by finding a creative way to punish me.

I hope you enjoy it. And, once again, Happy Holidays! I hope you and your family have a great holiday season.