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"I Told You I Was Sick!" The Funniest Tombstones On Earth

One of the sad things about any love affair, whether it’s a marriage or not, is that eventually one of the two people involved in it runs out of steam, so to speak.

No one lives forever. We all know this and yet it never ever gets any easier when we lose someone we love.

There is an aura that surrounds death that tends to portray it as a solemn and somewhat ethereal experience, and who the hell am I to argue with that? But, sometimes, if we let it, humor can play a part too.

After all, so much of loving another person in this world is about the smiles they brought to our faces and the millions of times they cracked us up with something funny they said or something silly they did, or by just looking at us in that certain, particular  way that only they could do.

It hurts so much to say goodbye.

Yet, we remember why we were with that person in the first place, and that always shines a light on the fact that so much of our time together was hilarious and dripping with joy.

In honor of all that, and the fact that it’s Halloween time again,  I thought it might be pretty great to have a look at some of the really comical tombstones out there in the world, because a lot of them are downright magnificent.

And because they are the perfect reminder that so many people who we love and lose still want us to keep on smiling, even long after they’re not around to laugh alongside us anymore.

And I really, really like that.

  • So True 1 of 25

    Whoever this person was, they had a legendary sense of humor.

    Image: mytimemattersblog.com

  • Bad Reception 2 of 25

    Some dead folks like to make sure that they don't miss any calls while they're 'out'.

    Image: deser.pl

  • I See You 3 of 25

    So perfect.

    Image: www.ugo.com

  • Let Your Fingers Do The Talking 4 of 25

    Oh Lloyd!

    Image: www.funnyordie.com

  • Front Row Seats 5 of 25

    Well, someone enjoyed a little good live music. And Toto.

    Image: guycodeblog.mtv.com

  • Famous Last Words 6 of 25

    Mel Blanc was the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, and so many great cartoon characters of the 20th century. But he chose one of his best to have the last word. Thanks, Porky!

    Image: mentalfloss.com

  • Final Role 7 of 25

    Jack Lemmon was one of the greatest actors who ever lived. (Never seen The Apartment? Or Irma La Douce? Do yourself a favor.) And his headstone is arguably the best one any Hollywood star will ever have.

    Image: www.privatelosangelestours.com

  • Tell It Like It Is 8 of 25

    Hey, if there's one good thing about passing on, it's the fact that nobody can argue with you anymore.

    Image: pluh.com


  • Whoa 9 of 25

    I'm not so sure who Robert Clay Allison was, but I do know I wish I'd been around to buy him a cold one, because I'm guessing he had some wild tales to to tell.

    Image: forum.trans.org

  • Yoda Forever 10 of 25

    Hey, some people love them some Yoda. That's all there is to it.

    Image: techinlifes.com

  • The Force 11 of 25

    When you think about it, these are pretty great last words, huh? I mean, they're no picture of Yoda, but they'll do in a pinch.

    Image: genepoolneedschlorine.com


  • Parting Shot 12 of 25

    I never knew Mr. Bill Kugle. But I really, really like him now.

    Image: kulturkokoska.com

  • No One Ever Believes Me! 13 of 25

    This is just so superb.

    Image: www.funnyordie.com

  • Rodney 14 of 25

    Rodney Dangerfield made a lot of people smile during a lifetime of comedy. So a toast to him, or whoever it was who decided to put one of his signature lines on his headstone. "There goes the neighborhood," it reads and that's a perfecting parting line, I'd say.

    Image: nieuws.be.msn.com

  • Ouija Board 15 of 25

    Hahaha! Super clever. Make it easy for loved ones to contact you on the 'other side'.

    Image: trashinghotelrooms.tumblr.com

  • Call Waiting! 16 of 25

    Well, that's one way of looking at it.

    Image: theworststuffever.com

  • Hold That Spot! 17 of 25

    Anyone who has ever circled the block 50 times looking for a parking spot can appreciate this one.

    Image: genepoolneedschlorine.com

  • No Words 18 of 25

    Who needs stupid words when you can just let a chrome mag wheel say it all?

    Image: www.dormstormer.com

  • Told You So 19 of 25

    Classic. Just classic.

    Image: mytimemattersblog.com

  • Honesty 20 of 25

    At this point, why beat around the bush right?

    Image: genepoolneedschlorine.com

  • A Final Thought 21 of 25

    Wow. I know a lot of people who this might be intended for. I bet you do, too.

    Image: www.dormstormer.com

  • Ha! 22 of 25

    You gotta love this one.

    Image: gnosticbent.wordpress.com

  • "Let ‘er rip" 23 of 25

    The genius comic actor, Leslie Nielsen, knew just what to say when he crossed over.

    Image: www.geolocation.ws

  • Whatever 24 of 25

    I have a feeling I would have really liked Lola.

    Image: www.dormstormer.com

  • The End 25 of 25

    It is what it is. And if you didn't laugh, you'd cry. Thanks for looking.

    Image: www.dormstormer.com


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