North Carolina Couple Make Unusual Enterance Into Their Wedding


weddingI love when a couple planning a wedding does something unusual, different, and fun. If I could do mine all over again and have my total say, I would want to do something that stands out above the rest. Something that would be memorable for not only my husband and me, but for our guests to talk about positive things for years down the road.

The Internet has shown us a lot of couples who are doing just that. We’ve seen theme weddings taking part in places we wouldn’t think about. We’ve seen couples getting married in the nude, in costume, under water, and I am sure we will see more things to come.

That’s where this North Carolina couple enters in. Meet Lauren Bushar and Ben Youngkin, who made a real entrance into their weeding in a way I’ve not seen before. They decided to skip the traditional walk down the aisle in favor of something far more memorable and well, far more fun looking.

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Photo credit: screenshot via WorldzStarHipHopNews
Video source: YouTube; standard license
H/T: Metro

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