Poll Reveals What Women's Shoes Men Hate The Most


If you were to ask me which shoes of mine Serge likes the most I could tell you in a heartbeat. Dude loves it when I wear my black, low top Converse. With jeans, slacks, and especially sundresses, my fella has a thing for Chuck Taylors.

So I didn’t need this poll to tell me that guys pay attention to what women wear. In fact, 79% of men are checking out your footwear. More than half of those polled said they found their partner to have crappy taste in shoes.

So what shoes do  men say they hate the most? You’ll have to click to the end of the slideshow to see. But trust me, you’re going to be surprised. I had my money on crocs.

Let’s start with the shoes men liked most:

  • Can you guess the shoe men hate the most? 1 of 11
  • Sneakers 2 of 11

    Good news! 25% of men surveyed said sneakers were their least favorite footwear, which puts the comfy shoe at the top of this list! Out of the ten shoes in the poll, sneakers were the favorite.

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  • Kitten Heels 3 of 11

     The good old kitten heel is next on the list. Only 34% of men ranked this shoe as their least favorite.

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  • Ballet Slippers 4 of 11

     37% of men ranked the ballet flat as their least favorite shoe.

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  • Mary Janes 5 of 11

     42% of men said Mary Jane's are their least favorite shoe.

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  • Moccasins 6 of 11

     49% of all the men say moccasins are their least favorite shoe.

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  • Flip Flops 7 of 11

     55% of all men say flip flops are their least favorite shoe.

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  • Platforms 8 of 11

     58% of all men say platforms are their least favorite shoe.

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  • Crocs 9 of 11

     I've got to admit I'm pretty shocked that crocs aren't the least favorite shoe of men everywhere, but alas, only 63% of men ranked this as their least favorite.

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  • Uggs 10 of 11

     Not surprisingly, Uggs are almost at the top of the list with 67% of men saying this shoe blows.

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  • Wedges 11 of 11

     Shockingly, with 71% of men voting this one as their least favorite, wedges become the women's shoe men hate the most? What? What is wrong with the wedge? Hate crocs, I'm right there with you. Uggs are also disgusting, but crocs? What is wrong with you men?


    *Today show hosted their own poll with the same shoes. Almost half of the 37k people say crocs are their least favorite shoe. Vindication! You can check out the results of that poll here.

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