The Best Way to Handle a Cancelled Wedding Engagement


Willie and Carol Fowler have one daughter, so when it came time to give her away in marriage, it was a big deal.  Everything was set, dates saved, guest lists set, venues saved, deposits placed, and the day would arrive sooner than they knew it.

The wedding is off!

But 40 days prior to the wedding, their daughter called off the wedding.  All of the excitement gone, all the expected partying and celebrating gone.  And of course all of the money deposited for the wedding and reception gone as well.


The Best Way to Handle a Cancelled Wedding Engagement
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Carol was in the process of calling to cancel the reservations for the venues they reserved for the events, but Willie had other ideas.  Instead of cancelling everything, he suggested keeping the venues and still having a party.  The only difference would be the names on the guest lists.

The wedding is off, but not the party!

Instead of friends and family, the guest list would include homeless individuals in the Atlanta area.  The Fowlers’ daughter used to volunteer for a nonprofit organization, Hosea Feed the Hungry.  The Fowlers reached out to this organization with their idea, to which the organization initially thought was a prank.  But it was not a prank at all.

On September 15th, it happened.  Buses transported 200 homeless women, children, and families to Villa Cristina for an “inspiration program” complete with full course meals, motivational speakers for the adults, and face-painting and clowns for the kids.

If you ask me, that is the BEST way to handle a cancelled wedding engagement.  Kudos to the Fowlers for this!

Read more in this ABC News article, and watch an interview with the Fowlers on CNN.

What is the best way to handle a cancelled wedding engagement that you’ve witnessed?

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